Having issues with a 'high' voltage level shifter I am creating

I am having issues with a ‘high’ voltage level shifter I am creating. I need to drive a 28Vpp waveform with specific timings ( <.1us rise time, 1us pulse width), converting from the 3.3V logic that comes out of my microprocessor. I currently have the circuit below:

Which produces the following waveform:

Great! However, I will need to need drive a fairly long cable. When I add 100pf of capacitance to the output:

I get the following waveform:

This waveform doesn’t meet my requirements of having a rise time of less than 0.1us. What can I do to overcome this? I have tried replacing the transistor based circuit with an LM139(http://www.kynix.com/Detail/861098/LM139.html) comparator, but that was still susceptible to capacitance. Are there ICs available that could fix my issue? I can handle about 4us of prop delay if needed. Thanks!

This is not that kind of site. You might get an answer. But mostly we discuss issues of science and technology, not details of actual science.