Note to self, save the world

I’ve been saving this article for a while. Glad I did. What a great point

So to me, if people are worried about the decline of religious affiliation or participation, the biggest thing they can do honestly is to work toward a more equitable and just world where people have more time to consider life’s big questions, to get engaged with the world around them, and connect and participate and belong. And this is why I love teaching this religion class I teach at Augsburg because my main goal there is simply to help carve out space in my student’s busy, demanding lives to reflect on what matters to them and why and on their responsibility to the world around them, all the kinds of questions that religion at its best puts before people.

How obvious. Instead of worrying about your church, work on the things your church says it’s about. Unless your church is about telling people they are going to hell, then shut up.

I don’t understand. Could you please expand. Thanks

What’s not to understand?

Note, I understand that hell is not a big item in the NT or OT. And a church does not even have to use a bible to teach. Religion is mostly a belief.
Are you saying that the churches should be telling people they are going to hell?

Absolutely not. How did you get that from me saying they should shut up?

OK, I think I got it now. There was two pathways and I wasn’t sure which one you were on.
You are saying. Don’t worry about the decline of worshipers. Spent your efforts on the churches messages. I agree completely.

Off subject a little. I think we are only a decade away from total AI.
As AI is knowledge. Then basically the newer generation may accept AI as a form of God. As an atheist, church to me was about the people being together. The church will be needed for that more than ever.