Have you heard about the new Lambda Coronavirus variant?

Why health officials are watching new 'lambda' coronavirus variant By Rachael Rettner - Senior Writer about 20 hours ago

The variant carries a number of mutations that could potentially aid its spread.

A coronavirus variant known as “lambda” is gaining the attention of health officials as it spreads around the world.

The variant, also known as C.37, was first detected in Peru in August 2020, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). On June 14, the agency designated C.37 a global “variant of interest,” or VOI, and named it lambda.

VOI means the variant is increasingly showing up in communities and has mutations that are predicted to have some effect on viral characteristics, such as increased transmissibility. In contrast, officials use the term “variant of concern,” or VOC, once reliable data shows that the variant has increased transmissibility — such as what’s been seen with the delta variant — or other worrying features.

So far, lambda has been detected in 29 countries, with high levels of spread in South American countries. In recent months, the lambda variant was detected in 81% of COVID-19 cases in Peru that underwent genetic sequencing, according to the WHO. And in Chile, the variant was detected in about one-third of cases, the WHO said.
Most recently, the variant popped up in the United Kingdom. …



And now this:

"As seen in real world data released from the Israel Ministry of Health, vaccine efficacy in preventing both infection and symptomatic disease has declined six months post-vaccination, although efficacy in preventing serious illnesses remains high,"
Pfizer vax.


They’ve been talking about vax boosters being needed for a while. I recently heard something about maybe combining the booster with the flu vaccines later this year.

The variants are changing the course on getting back to normal a little bit, but I think the dangers have been over-exaggerated so far.

The lambda variant is very concerning. Unless we create a booster, our those of us who have been vaccinated, may find ourselves getting lambda or another variant.