Greetings from Germany

Hi, Frank, 43 from Germany. Searching for a old video on YouTube from Stephen Fry yesterday, led me to his discussion with Richard Dawkins and to you.

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led me to his discussion with Richard Dawkins and to you.

Welcome frankey (Frank), looking forward to your posts.

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Willkommen. Wie geht es in Deutschland zur zeit?


Hi . At the moment if Germany were a Shakespeare play it would be Hamlet.
12 days until election and the first in 16 years without Angela Merkel. The campaign period is really entertaining this time around. A lot of voters are confused and can’t make a decision who they should vote for . just like Hamlet.

Covid numbers go up again not like last year but stilk. About 62% are vaccinated and getting to the 80% mark will take time.

We don’t have just anti vaxxers anymore, no they joined forces with the Reich Bürger and Nazis last year shouting it’s just a flu, Corona Dictatorship and freedom.

That’s about it.

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Sounds like fun. Hamlet, I’ll cue it up.
I’m curious, do they still ban political speeches and stuff on the day before the election?

How bad were the rains?

They can’t do any speeches in public or interviews. Not before 6pm. Election Day is always on a Sunday or a bank holiday. That’s simply because most people don’t have to work that day. .
The rains did a lot of damage. Now they rebuild everything. On the same spot. I don’t get it. The insurance companies announced already rates will go up by x5 the current rates. To me it looked like a f…cK you from the planet to the people who hate the green Party and blame Greta Thunberg for the rise in petrol price and co2 tax. “No one could have predicted this” they say. Wrong, science tried to tell you for 30years .and you ignored it. That’s why your own grandchildren are on the street every Friday .


Yeah people are pretty stupid.
I have one little correcting seeing as I graduated from high school in 1973.

It’s been a good 50 years that I been getting laughed at for talking about climate science and what we people were doing to our Earth.

I’m looking forward to reading some of your posted on other topics.

Es freut mich ihre Bekanntschaft zu machen.