Grace under fire

I have a link, but I’m not going to provide it. This is from Kirsten Powers who wrote a book on “grace” and she tells of this Theologian, from Yale, happens to like Liberation Theology, who gave some ideas. She came up with this quotable:

“A boundary isn’t a wall around you, it’s showing people where the door is and showing people how to get in.”

I try to do that with the trolls here. They can come in, I’ll listen, then I’ll tell them what I need to work toward agreeing with their theme, their claims. If they switch to denigrating my needs and making claims about my character, then I’ll start discussing boundaries. I’ll show them the door, and I’m always grateful when they use it on their own.

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Seems to me you’re doing a pretty good job.
It’s poopy job, but someone’s gotta do it. Be sheriff, that is.

Thanks and happy holidays, Cc

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