GPT3 New Form of Intelligence?

It seems to me that the OS in the GPT3 token based intelligence lies a real form of AI.

The greatest common denominator between human and artificial intelligence is ability to reason and make weighted best guesses as to the interpretation of observed phenomena in a self-referential context.

AI , not only thinks in pure logic, but also in consideration of potential variables, i.e. making best guesses of “next word” in context of the original incoming information, at a time it is required to answer as truthfully as possible.


W4U OMG this guy (in the video) is a complete moron. His questions are insufferable, to say the least. I’m at 2:06 min. Is there anything of value he has to say that won’t make me chop off my right leg?

OMG seriously W4U who is this HACK??? Check your sources for gods sake.!!! The way this hack talks is that he brings known experiments to validate his own.

Ok, what are you telling me here? That he brings known science with his own perspective and interpretation.

What specifically is wrong with the presentation? I found it informative. Is it wrong?

You do realize the OP is about GPT3 , artificial intelligence, based on human biology.

Please take this video in that context. The thread has just started. Basics, you know…

What would your own personal questions to the AI be?

I’m not asking this insultingly, but on an honest basis. Mine would be different. My frustration is how absurd his questions are.

I agree, some of the questions seemed leading… But it was a panel, so perhaps they had a template.

What would you ask? It 's more complicated than it appears at first. It cannot be what you would ask of a human. GPT3 is not a biological organism and has no real chemical experiences. But it is not that simple either. The AI has a sense of self and responds with an real awareness of context and environment.

Good luck…

Ok before I tell what I would (which means nothing but…) don’t you think his questions were that of a 6 year old?

This insult IMO is that he has DR in front of his name which gives credit socially online and beyond due to such statues yet he questions such moronic responses.

It was from a list made up by a panel of experts?

Not all of the questions were simple, there were some challenges.

w4u have you heard about the Microsoft AI experiment?

It was from a list made up by a panel of experts?

Not all of the questions were simple, there were some challenges.

Do you really want me to quote his questions?

I have to head out w4u. It’s late here.

Yes I have and have followed the AlphaGo Triumph over Lee Sedol, worldchampion Go player.

GPT3 is a whole different horse. It is text based operation just like humans. They learn to memorize strings and associate them with definitions and pictures to form “tokens”
, from which it select alternative perspectives , in order of priority.

This is not raw computing power. This is associative , integrative, internally orchestrated neural network operation, working somewhat similar to the human brain, as far as we know. It’s very sophisticated stuff.

I see that as far more valuable than anything of what you had posted.

Yes, I know it comes off as insulting, but what happened there taught us far more than anything we could have imagined. The problem is, people don’t like what they see, so they cut if off before we could learn more. Do you agree with m here?

but btw…you were thinking about something else.

Yes, some people don’t like their foundations shaken. Beliefs, even false ones, tend to promote stability, a comfortable familiarity . Remove that and some may feel exposed.

I’m 50 so I know you’re older than I am! You must really be suffering then.

j/k :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s why what we say means nothing. All these trials we put ourselves through mean nothing in the real world. Even if we all agree on one single idea, the reality is the world goes merely on regardless of what we think. I hopefully have another 20 years before I die and honestly nothing I say really means anything. I only come here for myself in hopes to gain knowledge of things I have gotten wrong in my life.

In fact, no real experiences at all.
A subtle, but very important point, that one.

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