GOP viciousness reaches new heights - Right Wing Extremist SCOTUS declares war on women

Angry That Justice Alito’s Draft Opinion Was Leaked? Don’t Be. - Vivia Chen

… “Gravest, most unforgivable sin.” “Sacred, sacrosanct.” And “a terrible blow to the court’s morale and process and legitimacy.” My goodness.

Permit me to give you the peasant’s view of the high court: I find it very hard to get worked up that the leak is the biggest scandal in the high court. Yes, I know it’s unprecedented and shocking to insiders who’ve graced the halls. But from where I sit, the Supreme Court is certainly not sacred or sacrosanct, and, sadly, not always legitimate.

All that might be true but did the leak really pose a threat to the integrity of the high court? Or is that belief based on some quaint, romantic notion?

I posed that question to Feldman, and he emailed me: “The court still has (had) plenty of legitimacy after gay marriage, holding back Trump and overturning lots of his worst decisions. Its polling numbers have been much better than other gov. institutions.”

Maybe better than some government institutions but that’s not saying much. According to a 2022 poll by Marquette University Law School, 53% say the court is “mainly motivated by politics” in its decisions, compared to 47% who believe that law is the main motivator.

That same poll also finds that support for the Supreme Court continues to fall: in 2020, 66% approved of the court v. 33% who didn’t.

Today, the approval rate has dropped to 51%, while the disapproval rate has risen to 46%.

The reality is that the court is polarized and partisan—and that’s how most Americans see it too.

And what better example of extreme partisanship than Alito’s draft opinion?

Alito writes that Roe was “egregiously wrong from the start,” that “its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences”—as if overturning Roe would result in only good consequences.

He also had the audacity to say that Roe and related decisions “have enflamed debate and deepened division"—as if his decision would heal the nation.

At one point, Alito also plays a very cheap race card, writing in a footnote that early supporters of abortion rights “have been motivated by a desire to suppress the size of the African American population,” adding that “it is beyond dispute that Roe has had that demographic effect. A highly disproportionate percentage of aborted fetuses are black.”

So Alito is now a protector of Black Americans? Who knew?

Of course, most notable of all, the opinion isn’t just chipping away at Roe ; it calls for its total destruction.

So can we skip the pretense that the Supreme Court is above the political fray? Or that the justices are high priests of the Constitution?

Believe me, a leak of a pending opinion from its inner sanctums is the least of its problems.

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You must be too young to remember

The dying begins when they start trying to abort by themselves by means of a wire coathanger or by some drug addicted butcher in a rat-infested back ally abortion “clinic”

A man-made law is meaningless to a desperate person. It does not make them a criminal. It makes them a victim.

Russell Falcon, Nexstar Media Wire

Posted: MAY 3, 2022

… The World Health Organization estimates that 30 women die for every 100,000 unsafe abortions in developed regions, while 220 women die for every 100,000 unsafe abortions in developing regions, where abortion access is limited or impossible. The term “unsafe” refers to both self-induced methods and illegal procedures performed by non-physicians.

At least 22,800 women die each year from unsafe abortions, per a 2018 report from Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research and policy nonprofit. The researchers analyzed death information available through the year 2014.

Overall, WHO says 7 million women per year went to the hospital after unsafe abortions in developing areas alone, per 2012 estimates. Forty-five percent of all induced abortions are unsafe, the organization says. Methods of unsafe self-induced or illegal abortions can be violent, including sharp objects being inserted through the vagina or ingestion of toxic substances, Doctors Without Borders explains.

Ninety-seven percent of all unsafe abortions take place in developing countries, where access to abortion is limited or impossible, WHO reports. DWB backs up this figure, explaining the organization works in many of these regions performing daily traumatic care to women who are hurt from unsafe abortions.

Non-fatal trauma of unsafe abortions include, sepsis and unintended organ puncturing. DWB says these conditions often require major surgeries or “the complete, and irreversible removal of the uterus. …”

Lawrence: Alito’s Draft Opinion Quotes A Man Who Believed In Witches

With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell takes a look at the reasoning behind Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion and explains how it is the result of minority rule in America.

Oh dear the Supreme Court is indignant that their precious privacy has been invaded. The horror!
While they Goose Step their way through woman’s privatest concerns.
The State has no right to dictate that woman must bear children, that isn’t in the freak’n US Constitution either!!!

Why doesn’t a woman have a right to self defense?
Why is it so difficult to acknowledge that abortion has existed throughout human history?!!

YES, a woman’s life is more precious than a fetus, which remains a human potentiality, until it takes on the mantle of personhood at birth!

The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade would both criminalize women and undermine women’s health, experts tell Joy Reid. A look at Catholic Ireland’s realization that the Right of Woman matter.

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If I was a woman, I wouldn’t hire Alito as a divorce lawyer.

I suspect the coat hanger method is very uncommon with the availability of abortion drugs.

Those drugs will be outlawed. If a taxi driver can get reported for driving a woman to an abortion clinic , any drug store selling an abortion drug will be guilty of assisting in the abortion and be closed down.

You just have no idea about the Pandora’s Box this ruling will open. It will set the clock back 100 years.

You’ve got a point there.

GOP wants to fill our country with rape dads. There’s an interesting point to think about.

Here’s another few points to chew on:

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell details the years of lying and hypocrisy from Republicans and Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices on abortion rights.

Don’t forget abusive husbands who don’t believe in marital rape.

Other answer:

[Polish activists condemn abortion law after death of another pregnant woman | Euronews]

If you were a doctor, would you practice an abortion, even of a dead fetus, if you know you risk to be jailed ?

If a woman is high risk and the only way to save her life is to terminate the pregnancy, then the inability to get an abortion will cause her to die. Coat hanger abortions are deadly, as well as things like Belladonna, if a woman takes more than needed to terminate the pregnancy. The list goes on and on. BTW, being pregnant is a risk, in general. Many women have and still can die during childbirth. Throw in preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, and other high risk health factors that happen during pregnancy and in some cases, not being able to terminate can mean death even today. Another condition, in which a fetus must be expelled is when the fetus dies in the uterus. If not removed, a woman can end up with sepsis and die from it. The dead fetus must be removed and even this is considered an abortion in some cases (don’t ask how the Religious Reich figures this, but they do. They insist a woman must carry the dead fetus until the body decides to expel it and even then in they may consider a miscarriage (medically called spontaneous abortion) a crime too, except the woman could die from sepsis before her body expels the dead fetus. A lot can go wrong during pregnancy.

How would that work?

Are fathers going to start raping their daughters if abortion is overturned?

I don’t think I would, but a dead fetus doesn’t need surgical abortion. That is a miscarriage.

Thier daughters won’t be able to get an abortion … unless they can make it to Mexico or Canada.

Woman will be forced to have babies by rapists.

Take off them blinders sir!

You better read post #38 and be educated by a woman. You are a typical example of a male who thinks he knows anything at all about female biology.

You know absolutely nothing about what it is to be a female.

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Not all fetuses slide out. It can stay in the uterus and rot, causing the woman to become sepsis.

I’m sure an exception could be made for that uncommon situation.