GOP religious absolutism and extremism knows no limits

The GOP gets more insane and power hungry as the children of the intellectual enlightenment hope for the best, and let off their steam on evening comedy shows.

<blockquote><strong><span style="color: red;">“Our religious freedoms are under serious attacks and healthcare is just the latest venue for that attack," said state <em>Sen. Nancy Barto</em>, according to the AP.</span></strong></blockquote>
<span style="font-size: 1.25em;">Why does the GOP’s assumed “religious freedom" give them the right to deny another’s personal beliefs -
such as - deny woman their own rights to self-determination and self-defense, and birth-control measures?</span>
Arizona Senate rejects controversial birth control bill March 29, 2012|By Ashley Powers The Arizona state Senate has rejected a controversial bill that would have allowed employers to refuse to offer birth control coverage if it conflicted with their moral or religious beliefs. … freedom. … The measure was defeated 17 to 13, but one of the eight Republicans who voted against it said she planned to revive it at a later date. “Our religious freedoms are under serious attacks and healthcare is just the latest venue for that attack," said state Sen. Nancy Barto, according to the AP.
~~~~~ U.S.
WOMEN ON BIRTH CONTROL COULD BE BARRED FROM WORKING IF MISSOURI LAWMAKERS GET THEIR WAY BY MIRREN GIDDA ON 6/23/17 Missouri’s Senate is considering legislation that would allow employers and landlords to discriminate against women who use birth control or have had abortions. The bill, which has the support of the state’s governor, Eric Greitens, was approved by the Missouri House Tuesday. Known as SB 5, the bill was first passed by the Senate on June 14 following a special session called by Greitens. His aim was to overturn an ordinance that prevents employers and housing providers from punishing women for their reproductive health choices, according to a report by Feministing, a feminist website. The ordinance was passed by the city of St. Louis, and Greitens had said it made the area into “an abortion sanctuary city." The Senate seemed to agree with him, as did the House, which on Tuesday passed an expanded version of SB 5 that included more anti-abortion restrictions. Given the Senate’s vote on June 14, it it seen as likely to approve the updated version of SB 5. This would mean that landlords could refuse to offer housing to women based on their reproductive health choices, while employers could fire female staff members who were using birth control, or refuse to hire them. And while of course this isn't information most landlords or employers have access to, under SB 5 they could ask women what forms of reproductive health care they are using. …
I weep for a nation that could have been.