GOP Jesus

Oh dear, I think YouTube has tailored my choices in light of last night’s furious typing episode. ;- )

Look what was waiting for me this morning. What if Jesus were a Republican.

By Friend Dog Studios, Nov 3, 2018


Evangelicals should be strapped in with their eyelids locked open, like the antisocial punk in A Clockwork Orange, and forced to watch that video over and over.

Everyone else should watch it cause it’s funny.

In the teaching of GOP Jesus, I should now go and tell certain fellow Forum neighbors that they are weird and I do not want to bake them a cake.

Who does the shoe fit the best, GOP or DNC?

The Faith-Blinded Me-First absolutist leaning, physical reality ignoring GOP!

The DNC is napping on the sidelines.

I am not a rah rah, Pete Buttigieg guy, but it seems to me that he tends toward being a christ-like christian, who has a Christian worldview that, seems to me would be consistent with that of the New Testament version of Jesus. (not that I think the New Testament Jesus was gay, tho he did mainly hang around and travel with guys.) Jimmy Carter is another Dem who is a great example of being a sincerely christ-like christian.