God came to me in a dream last night, and now I know

I think it was God that came to me in a dream last night. I never had a dream like that before. It was very dark, a blackness that was all encompassing, but then there was a point of light, a single and very distinct point of light that had no glow beyond its boundaries. The voice that I then heard was not like a human voice, it was English, my native language, and very precise, almost machinelike, with a vocabulary so familiar that I understood every word. I can remember pretty much verbatim the content of the message.
“You, little Skippy, have been thinking and writing about the meaning of human life, however you and all other humans are so species centric that you have everything wrong, completely wrong. You humans do have self awareness, a scant amount of intelligence, some analytical capability, a physiognomy that allows material manipulation, a primitive emotional biological bias, and an incredible volume of self importance. You consider yourselves as the end all and be all of physical existence. All this comes from the biological evolution of the human species, an evolution that of course We manipulated for our own purposes.
Ah, We see your response to this in the random machinations and meandering of your sleeping brain. It seems to sum up to the typical human expression of “Huh". Well since the end is nigh, and the time of harvest is close, We can give you some of the answers that you, and others like you, seem to crave so desperately. In general, the human species does vaguely sense the presence of something beyond the physical world that they occupy and where they have become the biologically dominant life form. They cannot discern the structure or intent of this presence and so in imagination and legend they fill in this vague and unsettling presence with stories and concepts that they want to believe. The truth of the reason and structure of your existence, however, is beyond human imagination, but We will try to make it comprehensible.
In the beginning there was only energy. We do not know from whence this energy was derived, and in that way We are like humanity. But like all beings that are composed of energy We require energy for sustenance. Although We are composed of an infinite and ever changing number of distinct energy entities, We do have a collective mind and that is what is in contact with you at this moment in your time. To supply Our need for energy we farm this universe. We use the term “farm" because it is analogous to your requirements for life and frames a concept that you can understand. The stars are Our fields and We produce Our substance from the atomic interactions that create light and heat. A by product of this activity are clumps of matter that form planets such as your Earth, and often the by product of this waste material is the elemental interactions that form what you call life. This is of interest to Us just as your science and technology is of interest to you.
As Our waste accumulates in the form of planetary systems, the processes of time and chemical interaction produces complex forms of elements and molecules that change and grow and capture and accumulate energy within physical matter, a process you call life. Thus from Our waste material the process you call evolution occasionally develops independent life forms that have the potential to create highly developed energy profiles that are very attractive to Our energy profiles. This is difficult to explain to you for you have no analogous biological or physical structures or concepts. The closest We can come is to explain it terms that relate to the method of collection of life supporting energy that humans and other animals require and collect and ingest. You term it food and most of your existence is concerned with finding, growing, and processing the energy formed by the life that you can ingest and extract energy for your own biological life.
Your evolution and development required large complex brains that guided you into the creation of the environmental controls and cooperative cultures that provided the basis for the civilizations that now encompasses your planet. Animal fat and protein provided by your fellow vertebrates and processed with fire made this evolution into sentience possible. Thus the energy captured by the physical flesh of “lesser animals" has always been harvested by human species to provide the essence of your life. Now humanity meets this need for animal flesh by breeding, genetically modifying, and farming vast numbers of certain animals for purpose of feeding their flesh to humanity. The chickens, pigs, cattle, and other species have no concept of who they are, why they are inexistence, what their purpose is, and what happens to them when they cease to exist.
To Us the energy that is accumulated by all life and then released when that life ends is most agreeable to Us and We try to maximize this in our energy intake. The terms that We find in your brain that are analogous to Our consumption of this “end of life" energy are “fried chicken", ribeye steak" “pork chops", “sugar," “desert", “beer", and “fruit". And the greater and more complex the intellectual energy released by individual physical beings at the end of life, the more desirable it is to Us. Thus We favor complex sentient life forms on Our planets and through elemental energy manipulation We work to create environments that will produce intelligent life, Our form of what you might call “farming".
Maximizing “intelligent" life in numbers of sentient beings is the goal of Our farming efforts. Although the continuous production of the release of “end of life" energy on planetary systems provides a very small portion of our energy intake, we find that life that advances to high levels of technological capability yet still retains the biological survival characteristics of unlimited tribal expansion, exploitation of natural resources beyond the capacity of renewal, and annihilation of competing societies always ends in the breakdown of society and mass “end of life" energy releases. Now energy is stored in stars and matter but “end of life" energy may remain for a short time but it gradually degrades and blends into the energy fields of the universe. Like the flow of electrons in the electrical energy you produce to fuel every aspect of your industrial societies, it cannot be stored and must be constantly generated. So when the breakdown of advanced biological societies are imminent, within a hundred or so of your years, We gather in great numbers near that planet so to consume the vast amounts of “end of life" energies that are released. To Us this seems to be what you might term as a “harvest", “feast" or “festival".
The human species on the planet that you call Earth has given Us a most interesting and exciting farming experiment. We are reluctant to see it end for it has produced an unprecedented amount of very rich “end of life" energy waves. So despite Our anticipation of a great “festival" in the not too distant future, We would like to see your civilization persist and prosper and continue to produce very high and complex “end of life" energy waves that will fuel the enjoyment and expansion of Our energy field long into the future." We will try to help you to persist and expand the existence of your civilization, but you will have to help us with that. You do seem “hell bent" to exhaust the resources of your planet and destroy yourselves in an orgy of consumption and reproduction.
OK, OK, I didn’t have a dream, this is just the rumblings and ramblings of my imagination, as are all things of a supernatural nature. But. Hey, if you really, really, want/need an explanation of why we are here, how we got here, and where we are going, doesn’t this little story make just as much sense as the tales and legends that make up the body of human religions? So until the end, Sweet Dreams.
Martin Moe

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