Global Warming, Food Security, And Nationalism

I feel like this topic cannot go into the Science folder, because it will inevitably breach politics.
Indeed, the issue of nationalism in a world where migration is going to be necessary; this intersects a very simple philosophy of human identity that we are going to realign around. This prediction meets the ire of the ultra-nationalist who believes in some exclusive rights that his country has over others. Just who suffers this nationalist mindset: everybody does. That nations have grown over time and achieved continental status, and that transcontinental alignments are forcing a grinding to occur at their edges: these are the current events in Ukraine. The idea that food security intersects these issues in such a critical way, when one years drought on one continent could be alleviated by the plentiful rains on another continent… that climate change necessitates the migration of all species: this global challenge will require global governance. Sadly my own country, in terms of justice or just us rings the latter dinner bell. And it does so upon the meat grinder that is Ukraine. It’s sloppy joe’s for dinner tonight over at Godzilla’s.

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Borlaug fed Mexico and India, then told us that his work only bought us 30 years, that we needed to work on the hunger problem and find new solutions. Instead, we used more oil and ignored the problem.

A big part of it is, you have to talk about population and people are very sensitive about it. And, the idea of affluent people consuming less, probably not something they will volunteer for.

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Who’s smart enough to step up to “global governance”, it works great in the movies, but this ain’t the movies, and black swans are known to trigger cascading tipping points, then triggering catastrophic failures, of key systems, in a hurry.

After the Warming James Burke 1989

The biggest question I’d have is:

How is any mitigation going to happen, if we refuse to honestly recognize the depth and seriousness of our Anthropogenic Global Warming problem?

If sowing doubt by adhering to nonsense, (that’s been rationally explained a thousand times over), continues to be the main objective of everyone who has a perceived a financial interest at stake.