Global warming ? Climate change? Global cooling?

Well, so what about it?

We’re going to blow right through that 2°C.

So what you want to do about it?

Do you see the programming? If it’s coming from a real human, it’s automatic. His post takes the phrase “he said” from some list of phrases this dadada has, phrases that add nothing to the conversation, that leave you to interpret and react to and ask for more. If you ask for more, you’ll get more of the same. If you don’t, you’ll get a “hey look at this” and a link about something on the topic.

The second half of his post is copied and pasted from yours, to give the apppearance of interaction. Did see how when I asked for a dialog I got a haha, and a comment that I need to go learn something. It takes zero effort to come up with posts like that.

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Interesting Lausten and I see what you’re saying.

At least he used a reliable source CarbonBrief
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I need your help.

A climate change skeptic is telling me that he does not believe that man is responsible for the climate change, as man production of carbon is a very low fraction of the total production of carbon on earth.

I need a simple and and clear answer, with a reference.

Found a great fact check. It could be where the person is getting their facts. Our percentage of production is 33% since 1850, not low at all. The important number is the ppm in the atmosphere. It wouldn’t really matter where it was coming from. Since that has gone above 350, it has become something we all need to be concerned about.

Humans have significant impact on atmospheric CO2 | Fact check (

There’s a huge flux of CO2 naturally occurring, we are adding on top of that.

There’s also the resource at SkepticalScience:

It’s not us

Thanks very much friends

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Simplest question you have ever ask. It’s the swamp. How can you not know that!