Space Station, Tiangong-1. Time to hit the shelters, or your local bookie. ; -P

Too bad we don’t have more participants, seems like a good time for a little lotto;
Round and round she goes, where she’ll land nobody knows.
(She being the 8.5 tonne Chinese station about the size of bus, traveling at 16,500 MPH.)
Well, just like with global warming they have a pretty good guess when she’ll do it,
just under 2 and half days from this writing.

Space Station | Tiangong-1 It will all be over in a flash. At some point this weekend, a dazzling fireball will tear across the sky as China’s out-of-control space station tumbles back to Earth at 16,500mph and burns up in the atmosphere.

Well, that’s that.

Space Station | Tiangong-1
Tiangong-1 was predicted to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere on April 2nd, 2018 00:30 UTC ± 1.7 hours. The reentry has been confirmed as 2018/04/02 00:16 UTC. Reentry occurred in the Pacific Ocean.