freedom from god

Do you guys not agree that freedom from god is some times expensive. I no longer believe in god and his childish immoral nature. Nevertheless, it is extremely difficult for a muslim man who grew up in a tribe in Yemen to come out as an atheist. Any similar experiences, feedbacks, or advices? everyone is welcomed to comment.

Definitely. Some people suffer grave consequences for their apostasy. Sometimes it’s better to hide it until you are in a position where you can survive without the support of your tribe, whatever “tribe” might be to you. I know there are organizations out there that reach out specifically to people like you, but I’m sorry I can’t find one right now. I’ll keep looking. Hang in there.

It looks like CFI has a couple ideas. There are two links in this article. One of them is just a donation page, but there must be a way to contact them.


Thanks Lausten,

by the way my tribe is a middle eastern people who like expensive gadgets and luxurious cars but still think the “infidels” got it wrong.

Expensive as in loss of family??

yes, as in family and friends. honestly, i am not afraid of death or any other types of loss; just loved ones.