Everything you need to know on how to build a Perpetual Motion Machine of sort

Please: have an open mind.
The term Perpetual Motion Machine is only used as a reference point to something that people may understand as to a device that runs under its own system power.

Other Terms may be used to describe better to the effect of how the technology really works.

Please: keep an open mind if responding to this topic.

Hello: This technology uses a power source of Permanent magnetic force.
There are drawing to this technology that can be provided.

This is only for personal entertainment. And is not intended to take serous as a world changing event.

Okay so what do I do?
I’m pretty sure I can get some magnets.

taking this subject slow is the key to understanding

Magnets have 2 poles North and South N= north and S= south
the force of the magnets put together N to S will become stronger
the force of the magnets put together N to N will push away but the attraction to metal will lessen. this is a way to reduce to output force of the magnets
reducing and increasing the force of pull is how the motor is made to run.

get some metal that magnets attract to and push the N to N and see if it will reduce the attraction and release the metal from the magnets.

take you time

So I don’t have any magnets in the house but next time I’m out I will try to buy a couple of magnets at Home Depot or Ace Hardware of wherever.

This is where it would be good for you to have a video to explain this technology to the masses.

I am going to attend a Energy Convention in July in Washington state.
I may be giving a presentation at that time. if so there will be videos of that event.
Or not. I don’t know.
People are invited to email me direct. Masses are so unpredictable.
Should I put my Email address on this Topic? That way sub masses could receive drawing and details via Emails. It makes it easer for the ones that are somewhat interested. This topic is not really for the Masses. at least not yet.
Thanks, Tom Wlazlak - googling my name will also lead to my email contact.
by the way: Master of my own Universe, was not my idea, but it makes my laugh. it is so, Me.

In the beginning there are magnetic forces that are increased and decreased to conform to the first and second law of Thermodynamics. at least get that out of the way.
Next for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
This technology uses 2 energies for one output system.
One of the energies is used for the counter reaction that make it become zero force. This only leave usable output power.
Second of the energies is used for the usable output power to run whatever the size of output of the motor system is built to do.
Friction is not an issue because like an electric motor friction is only a fraction of the total output of the power produced.
The motor system is a non-electric input power system. it will self start running once built and will not stop unless a greater force than the output power is applied. With Maintenance, The motor system could run and produce usable output power for several hundred years.
This is the basic concept of the ( Sort of Perpetual Motion Machine ) device.

Again this is only for personal entertainment. not to be confused with a world changing event.

Relaying how to build a working system an a forum is very difficult because of the time between Replies. Please be Patient: because: The Truth is out There.
Also: Please: only them that are interested ( comment on the topic )

This is the first step of how the magnetic force is turned on and off

Ok here are some legit questions:

  1. Do you think the professional reception of your ideas in the west is considered “crazy”?
  2. If so, have you tried people in other regions who are not infected with the same line of reasoning?

For example a lot of health-related treatments in America are considered “unsafe” and a doctor may lose his license because he does not push an insurance-driven treatment.

But in other countries like Germany, those treatments are perfectly fine and legit.

Is this the issue you’re having trouble with?
You did mention your links to Saudi Arabia . Why didn’t you pursue and continue that?

The core of the technology is the means of turning on and off the attraction to the iron based metals.
Because the center rotor uses very little of the total power of the machine motor the output power is usable.

Drawing 20 is the total version of the motor.
Drawing 21 splits the motor into the upper half and the lower half each are independent motor drives.

I await Questions: it is up to you to ask.

Tom I did have some questions above so answer whenever you can.
I also found this page here which had a YouTube link which was removed !.


I’d love to see a video.
You got any videos?

The video was from 2001 energy convention in Seattle Wa. the video showed this motor working. when it was new it could run slightly uphill.
The linear motor runs on Permanent magnet Energy, only.
The device proves the concept works because one wheel will rotate 1 1/2 turns and with all 6 that is 9 turns in the length of travel
anything that goes over 1 turn is free energy. the motor track is only 18 inches long but if the track was never ending it would run for many years.
I can make a video of this device at a later date, it is 20 years old and needs an overhaul.
Thanks Tom