Five days of Christmas favorites

Here’s my Christmas gift idea. Anyone wanna share their favorite Christmas Songs.

I’ll start with one of my long time favorites. The first time I heard I understood what an “instant classic” means. At least in my mind it is.

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime

It’s an interesting coincidence that two of my favorite Christmas songs are by Beatles.

I’ve been hearing Christmas songs since mid-October. I hate Christmas songs. They suck. All of them. Make them go away.

I love Christmas songs and listen to them on and off throughout the year.

Growing up, our Christmases were epic. I love love love Christmas because all my childhood memories are great.

Widdershins, This year, may you (and everyone else who cringes at Christmas songs) create some good memories to associate with Christmas so the songs bring you joy.

I might not be back on here for a week or more. So…

Merry Christmas all!

Merry Christmas 3 point! Have a cigar to celebrate!

Merry Christmas ∏, since I figure you just might be traveling somewhere for Christmas, here’s one for you:



It’s funny, I chilled on Christmas, kids all grown up and all, now this new little one and suddenly I’m feeling some of the spirit again, even if a bit hollow. but it’s also true that it’s these little things that is all we really have in the end. Love and companionship of friends and family, good times, tough times we get through, memories and so on. Good food is fun too, even for a minimalist. :wink:

Oh if you want to share a song, just paste the YouTube URL, nothing else and it seems to pop up just fine.

I’ve got lots more

One of my favorite Christmas albums

Listen to the words on this one.

Thank you very much. I have never heard that Jackson Browne song before.

Please send it to each and every one of our immoral opponents, the Evangelicals.

How could I forget this year jerker

Another classic, I have never heard before.

A bonus is that guy’s hair is so bad, that I feel ok about my own in comparison.

Yeah, some fun stuff. I’m a bit of traditionalists, now I figure I better up my game,

Dear Santa, I want DVDs of Handel’s Messiah and Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration. And please tell them to let me crank up the volume on the surround sound.

Think of the poor elves

At first I though oh boy he took it to the light side, now what am I going to do with my pick for this morning, but by the time it was finished I was thinking of all the Chinese workers who can relate to this song and it didn’t seem so light hearted, even if snappy.

(If ya don’t get it, try buying a child’s toy that’s actually Made in U.S.A.)


Since Christmas is for kids, and I like kids and I especially like people who come in plain looking wrappings, but who hide a special gift, or talent, or passion that they pursue. This one stole my heart when I heard it a few days back, oh and did I mention I tend to be traditionalist.

So here’s my morning Yule Tide greeting to you all -


When I first went looking for alternative Christmas music, it was not as easy as it is now-a-days. These fundraisers for the Special Olympics were a gift from the Muses.


This one stays true to the story, but brings in modern elements. It has the tension of a good parable.