Christmas Music

Somehow I hijacked a Political Issues thread for Christmas Music. I’m starting a new one hear (I mean here). Only rule: No Burl Ives.


Here’s an inclusive one.


And this one


This one is actually new to me, but the artist is an old favorite


This is the one I was looking for. Inclusive to a point. A vision of a better world, from back in the Y2K days.

I do like this one:


I do like Mannheim Steamroller’s Carol of the Bells

Another favourite of mine, which I can listen to year around:

I also like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version of Carol of the Bells too. Turn up the bass. (should put a seizure warning in here)

More Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

Another Solstice song:

This one is an old favourite of mine for Human Light Day:

Last one for me:

Oh yes, I know I said the last one would be the last one for me, but I forgot this year’s favourite (probably not next year’s though)