First scan of a dying human brain shows life flashes before eyes

First scan of a dying human brain shows life flashes before eyes

Interesting video, makes plenty of sense, and makes no grand claims.


Doctors studying a patient’s brain during a seizure ended up accidentally capturing brain scans as the man suffered a fatal heart attack and died during the scan. The man’s brain data reveals that people might indeed have their whole life flash in front of their eyes when they die. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh explains the findings.

There are caveats 7:30

If you’ve ever had a choking incident, you know how, shall we say, engaged the body gets. It would make sense that the dying brain rally everything it has, when other systems start shutting down. I have a feeling that dying will turn out to a very complex thing, when looking at it in nanoscale and microseconds, more cascades within cascades.

Do you know one of top coolest experiences of my life was when working on an off-shore production gas pumping rig and about 50-60 miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. This was back in the 80s, before things got so paranoid, and personal trust still went a long ways. Point being I was given free range on this offshore production rig.

I simply needed to let folks know if I was leaving for a walk and which direction I planned to go.

The choices?

Up the stairs to the heliport,
or down to the stairs to the docking platform.

All work areas were off limits, unless I was with one of them, you know, everyone is proud of their work and like showing it off to the interested, so I did get some very cool tours.

On my own, choice were walk around the perimeter of that level, or go up the stairs, or go down stairs. Upstairs and the helipad was very cool, but down starts was something else altogether. Something unique that I’d never experienced, even though I’d been out on boats occasionally.

*For me and my tree hugging, Earth loving perspective, it touched me. You see this rig was supported by legs, so waves moved through fairly unobstructed. Meaning that along the expanded metal grating of the walkways, down below me I could see wave formation in a way that’s impossible upon a ship, big or small. I watched how tiny, millimeter scale, wavelets rode on top of larger wavelets and so on and on into these impressive waves.

It was mind-blowing, on the one hand, in hindsight, so obvious and logical, still profoundly shocking the first time encountered.

Once I got to go down during a storm that wasn’t too bad, still white caps, and impressive waves, it was glorious, one of those moments when it felt like Earth’s touched me. I imagine the experience is what led enunciating my folds within folds thing, which came a few years after that .*

(Steward, not rig hand)

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Yes, I can visualize that. The brain dumping all of its memorable experiences with a flood of chemical action potentials, in an effort to “rescue” the biome from catastrophic failure.
That would be triggered by the subconscious homeostatic control mechanism that continues functioning for several seconds after the brain is rendered unconscious.
A boxer who has been KOd, may lay unconscious but twitching on the mat for several seconds .
Action potentials continuing to trigger physical responses.

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