Quick question

I have heard that near death experiences are all in the head.But i heard BLIND people do it too(since being blind at birth!)!What do you make of this?Any scientific reasons to explain this away?

The book i read this in is called mindsight and it was on page 60.And the author’s name was Kenneth Ring.

This is a pretty interesting topic. https://www.near-death.com/science/evidence/people-born-blind-can-see-during-nde.html
Of course, I’m not a neurosurgeon, and don’t have much experience working with blind people. But blind people still have a visual cortex inside their brains. Isn’t it possible that blind people build a visual model of the world using their other senses? I’m just asking that as a question. Look at the link above, where Dr. Ring interviews one of his patients. She says that inside the NDE, she was floating above the operating room and she could see the doctors and nurses working on her, and she could see her own body. She even recognized the wedding ring on her hand. My question is: How did she recognize any of these things if she has been blind since birth? How does she know the difference between a doctor and a nurse if she’s never seen one on television? How did she recognize her own body? How did she recognize her wedding ring by sight if she’s never seen it? My guess (and it’s only a guess, naturally) is that she had still managed to build up a visual model of all these things in her head, and that’s what she experienced in the NDE.
This is a fascinating question though. I certainly don’t want to discourage you from asking.