First of all, hello from France to all atheists in the world

Tout d’abord, bonjour de la France à tous les athées du monde - First of all, hello from France to all atheists in the world

Low hat and BRAVO to Richard Dawkins, a very great scientist in the service of a great cause This badge is the image chosen by the famous British scientist - Richard Dawkins - biologist and ethologist for the foundation he created to help atheists around the world express themselves to recognize themselves by disseminating the position of atheists. However personally I have two important remarks for me to make on what emerges from the writings (translated from English) of your Foundation (founded in 2009 if I understood correctly) that I discover and which I also support TOTALLY let WITHOUT RESERVATION the objectives:

  1. No, no and no my dear Richard Dawkins for the nth time for me contrary to this astonishing declaration that I discovered in the statements of your foundation: “Atheists are - beliefs - who clearly believe that God does not exist, and all of the religious teachings that support God are meaningless.” For me atheism has never been, is not and will NEVER be a belief. Atheists simply realize that beliefs, ALL beliefs created by men are neither plausible nor credible. Point to the line and they draw the conclusion that to believe is not to know. But maybe it is just a wrong translation of your thinking?

  2. Your written foundation "Atheists are born of families who have a religious education. But over time, free opinions lead to becoming an atheist. Making atheists a living choice is actually quite reasonable. Many atheists are actually born of people who have a religious family environment. " If it is quite true that the expression of atheism could naturally manifest itself only by adults who were baptized in their childhood, since ALL children were baptized (indeed they were not asked their notice!) Personally I would therefore say rather that ALL newborns since the beginning of time are in fact born atheists, simply because they have no religions and that it is their parents and / or a state that have instilled and IMPOSES a religion on them, which is not quite the same thing! However, an increasing number of people whose parents and / or the State have IMPOSED a religion on them, therefore beliefs, once they have become adults and even for many long before now REFUSED categorically to continue to be “cataloged” in a religion and they are right. Admittedly of course it is VERY difficult for children born in retrograde theocracies and in families of believers and then adults that they become on whom their beliefs have been imposed to express this refusal, but IT IS TODAY a a reality that is inexorably asserting itself everywhere in fashion … Apart from the two very important remarks for me, I TOTALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY support your initiative, thank you Mr Richard Dawking and all my encouragement for its global success

What do you think ? thank you in advance for your response

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Qu’en pensez vous ? Merci d’avance de votre réponse

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Nice to meet you and welcome to CFI boards. A lot of French with the links, which flagged it as spam by the system, but after I inspected it, I told the system to approve it. I don’t speak a word of French, except for those incorporated in the English language. Spanish is my third language with ASL my second and English my native tongue, which I suspect a lot of here speak. I hate to ask this upon greeting someone for the first time, but if you can, please stick to the universal language of the group so as to not set off the system and give us mods extra work. Thanks.

Always nice to get the international flavor to the forum.

  1.  I’m sure Richard would agree with you on this on. You may find a quote here or there that says something about “atheists believe”, but it is just shorthand, a convenient way of talking about atheists, without going in to longer technical definitions.
  2.  Richard has said that calling an infant a “little Christian” or asking a young person to make a faith statement, amounts to child abuse. I’m not sure of the context of the quote you quoted, so I’ll just say that on this one also, I think we are all in agreement.

Oooh La la. Welcome French guy.