Feelings in the mind

CC said “I would not say mind is limited to the consciousness were aware of…”

TimB says, This prompts me to think “What is the subconscious?” In my own paradigm, consciousness (and awareness) behaviors occur and exist physically at the moments that their neurological correlates engage (in the form of those correlates firing off). I have not yet thought through what this means about our concept of the “subconscious”.

I suppose that there are neurological correlates that fire off, and ARE NOT correlates of Awareness or Consciousness behaviors. Just as we have autonomic processes going on in our body all of the time, that we are not directly aware of, it may be that we have relatively un-crystalized thoughts going on, that are not awareness behaviors, but which still may covertly effect our consciousness.

Or it may be that what we call the “subconscious” is just the totality of our potential responses based on the totality of all our learning experiences from all of our previous history of reinforcement. That would mean that the “subconscious” lays the contemporaneous foundation for any subsequent behaviors, but is NOT behavior in itself.


I’ve read that a few times now, trying to let it soak in.

I think it makes sense.

Yeah, I think I like it.