Something I Dug up

Hello, this is Xain. I had to make a new account because my old one seemed broken since when I posted my threads would not appear in the forum and neither would my posts, even though it showed that I posted in the thread.

That being said I dug up an old wound with a previous person I tried to argue with.

All there is, is awareness. There is nothing else. Everything that I see, sense, feel, perceive and think, happens in awareness, as awareness.

That tree over there, blowing in the wind? It too is nothing but “an image” arising within awareness. Even if I reach out and touch it, that “touching-ness” is nothing but a phenomenal appearance arising within the otherwise empty awareness that I truly am.

“You" appear to “me” within awareness as nothing but a “movement” within awareness. Once that appearance disappears out of this present-moment-knowingness that I am, “you” remain as nothing but a concept within memory, which is no longer “real". Memory is imagination. Imagination is mind. And mind is not reality.

This awareness that I am, that permeates every single moment of my beingness, is all there is. Awareness is all I have ever known and is all that I am. All else is a story appearing within awareness.

The body is an experience, as is the mind. I experience the body. The body does not experience me. I experience the mind. The mind does not experience me. So, who am I? I am only this aware-knowingness that gives sentience and recognition and knowingness to all that is felt, sensed, thought and perceived.

All “things" pass through me, not to me.

I’ll leave it at that. I have no desire to convince you of seeing beyond your firmly-rooted viewpoint.

All words are false, including my own.

Just be.



In this I tried to convince them that the brain is responsible for awareness and that it’s not eternal. Also if everything according to him exists only in awareness then there is no reason to have a blog or post anything on it (he has a main website with similar articles). Like…awareness is not empty it’s literally full of sensation. But like any other spiritual type I hit a dead end as evidence does not seem to work here.

@snowcity @frozenworld , whichever account you want to use, pick one and close the other or we will pick for you, because it is a violation of the rules to have more than one. As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with the @snowcity account. You can try clicking on “forgot password” and update your password. That’s often the case concerning such issues. If we pick for you, this is the account that will be closed and any further occurrence will lead to banning. Because I know people can’t be at the comp all day and have jobs, I will give you 24 hours to pick one, before we go in and chose for you.

This is the one I want to use. Like I mentioned above there was a problem with the old account where I could not start threads even though submit entered and my posts would not show up even though it says that I entered one.

awareness [is] not eternal
Prove it.

I mean, I was under anesthesia once.


Speaking of awareness and digging up stuff, yesterday I dug up something awesome. Starts a little slow with review, which is good for the uninitiated, but then it gets rolling it’s an amazing extension of our understanding of what’s going on under out feet. Wild and crazy and amazing and makes total sense, against the backdrop of previous geologic understanding.

Xian, incase you are willing to give simple reality a try today. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

By Deep Dive

Mount Paektu (also known as Changbai Mountain) is one of the largest volcanoes on earth and yet, for the longest time, nobody could explain where it came from or why it exists. Here we will discuss why this volcano is so unusual and how the geological mystery surrounding it could eventually be solved.


Have good day Xian.

Well I don’t know about simple reality considering I cannot verify the existence of an external reality, I just have to believe in it.

Guess you should spend a bit more time studying, learning, paying attention to our evolving biosphere.