Evil eye and karma?

This person has had the evil eye on me psychic for 7years and she hasn’t found anything on me, she is trying to find something negative in all ways a person can do ore feel, but yet failed to find anything because there is nothing to find.

will the person get some kind of karma for that and when will it happen?

Wrong forum innocent

Actually, if innocent is looking for the most likely true answer, this is the right forum!

Innocent, you can rest assured that neither the ‘evil eye’ nor ‘karma’ are real things and you have nothing to worry about regarding them. Flush any ideas you have about them down the toilet and forget they ever existed.

Now, off you go little bird… spread your wings and fly off into a happy future without the chains of pseudoscience and irrational beliefs weighing you down.

I was using my powers of clairvoyance to predict that innocent will not respond to a factual answer. JUST KIDDING innocent, there is no such thing as clairvoyance.

My Spidey-senses are tingling pretty strongly with innocent too. But there’s no harm in telling him the truth. He’s free to either consider our words of wisdom, or ignore them and carry on living a life limited by false beliefs.

Innocent, the internet is full of websites that debunk ‘evil eye’, ‘karma’, mental telepathy, fortune-telling, psychics, and all sorts of other woo and bunk. It would be a good idea if you spent a few weeks or months reading them. I give you a money-back guarantee that your life will improve if you do.

Thanks but its not a joke about the evil eye

It’s there and it’s true about that subject but thanks anyway

I joked about me being clairvoyant. Otherwise, I’m dead serious.

I can understand the concept of karma as an example of a secular causal function, without the bells and whistles. We all believe in the concept of “leading by example”, and we all can understand the concept of “paying it forward” where a good deed often is causal to a reciprocal return of good deeds or an inspiration for others to “join the good cause”.

IMO this is a secular perspective of karma and is a recognized secular moral value which has been adopted by Eastern philosophy.

Karma as action and reaction: if we show goodness, we will reap goodness.

The concept of anyone possessing an “evil eye” is obviously false. We do have that saying “if looks could kill”, but no one believes that “looks can kill”.