Working perpetual motion machine

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Tom Wlazlak -

How does this generate Perpetual Motion without needing additional energy to drive the central axis?

write4u: first; perpetual motion machines are not possible because the laws of thermodynamic say so. But that aside: You will notice that this is drawing 16 thus means some drawing are missing. As to how the actions of all working systems within this machine operate. The easy answer to your question is simple: all the energy needed to run this device is built into the device. no additional energy is needed to drive the central axis. The topic Working perpetual motion machine was an error, This is not that type of device it is a EttCM - energy to torque conversion motor - system. I am sorry for the confusion. Most can not understand the concepts behind the working of this technology this is why I can display these drawings. Nobody has the ability to steal the device. it is safe because who can make it work? Therefor no one does.
The joke is the systems work only if the viewer is smart enough to make it work.
Again it seems to be safe to display because of that simple fact.
And If I ask people if they would like to see the working proto type device. no one is interested in doing that for their own reasons.
I love this thing. People have wanted this type of device for hundred of years and when it is offered to them they run away.
It is funny and sad at the same time.
Write4u : Thank you it has been fun. But I got to get back to my vacation

Why is that funny?

I told the Buffalo Bills that I have a new defense that can’t be beat. I sent them pg 16 of my playbook. They didn’t respond. Fools.

Do you have a working model? If not, why not? You’re not smart enough to make it work? - Tom Wlazlak

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I am not hard to find. No Joke.