Equal Pay

First off I absolutely believe men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. But something Greta Van Sustern said made me wonder. She said corporations that do not have EPEW should be shamed. And that got me to wondering, how is it that this would happen in a large corporation? I’ve worked for several typical large companies, and without fail, the HR departments are primarily staffed by women. And the HR departments have been the ones to determine pay bands and salaries based on, well based on whatever HR specialists do to determine these things.
So maybe someone in the HR know can share how it is that women get less pay? I mean does some male higher up literally tell HR, who are always involved in all hiring, does this guy say, Hey give this person a higher salary because he’s a guy. Just looking for the actual mechanism for this inequality.

Good question, but the pay-gap is mostly nonsense. According to Pew, a gap of 17 cents exists because women take more time off from work for family responsibilities and women occupy more lower-paying jobs.
No widespread discrimination is happening.
source: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/04/03/gender-pay-gap-facts/

Interesting. I’d still like to hear from someone with HR experience. But in general, as much as I hate big corporations for example, I hate even more when the truth is twisted, IF it is, for some other ulterior motive EVEN IF it’s a goal I agree with.