Energy multiplier

The “Energy Multiplier” operates on the basis of the “Energy Converter”. The “Energy multiplier” multiplies all energies (reactive Q, active P, full S) at its input, and at its output gives them all with an efficiency of more than 100% -

Energy multiplier (for RL-load).

Active power (P[W]) efficient η≈7713,1%

And what are we supposed to do with that?

(video is blacked out by YouTube)

leonovmgn74: Thank you for bringing up this topic. most people don’t have the guts to converse in such topics. probably because they would not understand the terms reactive Q active P and full S in fact I am lost to what is more than 100% efficiency and QPS mean. all I know is unless you can prove that the thing works. its a theory thing. if it uses an input power source once it is running put the output to the input and remove the input power source if it is over 100% it will keep putting out its own power if it stops OOPS.
another one bits the dust.