Reactive energy converter

Greetings to all. It is proposed to invest and become a partner in the project “REACTIVE ENERGY CONVERTER” (loans are not interested).
This device is a reactive-to-active energy converter. The input of the device is supplied exclusively with reactive current, which has a maximum offset from the voltage with a recommended angle a at least 90⁰. At the output, active power is generated. Regardless of the load at the output of the converter, at the input of the converter, the power remains exclusively reactive. The device is self-stabilized. Does not require electronic control systems. Does not have electronic components. It does not have movable wear parts. Work Demo Video

Reactive energy converter properties:

  1. The angle A practically does not change from the load value;
  2. With an increase in load (up to the full power mode), the input of the active power converter does not appear and a decrease in reactive power is observed;
  3. The output of the converter behaves like a current source;
  4. The converter has a nonlinear positive conversion coefficient depending on the value of reactive power at its input - that is, if the converter converts 1 Var of reactive power, then at the output one hundredths or tenths of Watt of active power are obtained, and if 100 Var is converted (as for example, in video), then at the output 10-11 W of active power, etc., according to extrapolation;
  5. There is a dependence on the position in space - if you turn the converter, then there is a slight change in the output characteristics (video material on changing the characteristics when changing the position in space cannot be shot due to the failure of the smartphone and digital camera during other experiments);
  6. Very strong heating is present (this is one of the disadvantages);
    Examples of transmitter applications:
  • Network - in the presence of reactive consumers, switching on the converter in series with reactive consumers;
  • Autonomous - for example, inside the parallel LC circuit in the current resonance mode;
    The current status of the project is as follows:
  1. A valid prototype has been created;
  2. Correct measurements were made proving the operability and declared properties of the device;
  3. Design optimization studies carried out;

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Obviously spam, but I just couldn’t bring myself to send it off to the bin just yet.

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The ultimate conversion tool:



Reactive Power

Apparent Power


Reactive Energy

Volume Flow Rate
















Incidentally, I do have a fluent Russian translator handy, but wouldn't know what to ask him, except perhaps, Он верит в энергии из сохранение?   ??‍♂️

из -iz = OF

Many fun and games type tricks one can do with induction generators/motors.

Bottom line there is no perpetual motion nor a free lunch.

reactive energy can be converted to real energy if only you used the wright paths… I have found a way to use a special negative resistive converter as a bridge between the reactive circuit and the main load which can be inductive, capacitive or resistive.

Without the special negative resistive converter, convention of reactive energy is difficult… Any interested… Email me

Perpetual motion is just a way of expressing the piont that the universe is sustain by an intelligent bieng that is full of energy. What sustains the ever rotating elections in an atom?

So I will rather say that such proposed perpetual motion machines are leading out energy from the Dark energy of the universe… The don’t produce enrgye rather the convert the Dark energy into energy we can see… but this path is not easy to achieve but serious effort and out of the box thinking you can succeed because many did!!!

Perpetual motion is just a way of expressing the point that the universe is sustain by an intelligent being that is full of energy.
Which might have something to do with why a Perpetual Motion Machine has never been demonstrated.


I personally believe in tapping into the Dark energy but not perpetual motion!!! Various method can be used to tap into it just like solar panels taps into solar energy… One of them is RESONANCE!!!

Oh, I thought it was d. trump who figured out how best to tap into Dark Energy?

One of them is RESONANCE!!!!
I'm big on resonance, but it has to do with ideas and thoughts resonating, or not resonating, with oneself.

But resonance (synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.) as an energy source, that doesn’t really computer.


Hmmm, well, come to think of it, don’t those charging pads work through a sort resonance? But there again, the energy ultimately comes from the cord.

RESONANCE I mentioned here as to do with reactive energy present in an electrical resonators… Capacitor and inductors combination give birth to LC circuit.

Nicholas Telsa figured it out so many yes ago!!!

And so Resonators are use in many electronic gadgets for different reasons just the way water can be applied in different areas…

But what i an saying here is to use resonance as a door to the vacuum or Dark energy reservior!!!



But resonance (synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.) as an energy source, that doesn’t really computer…

RESONANCE is not an energy source but rather a door to the vacuum energy or Dark energy…

well you inspired me to look up resonance, and though Mriana might not approve I went to WIKI, look up Resonance and Electrical Resonance and found myself overwhelmed with information. The rough outlines I can sorta follow, then I get overwhelmed by details. Fascinating stuff, I can certainly agree that resonance is not an energy source, but a door to the vacuum energy? Perhaps in a poetic sense, since a poet would be under no obligation to explain this “vacuum energy,” since they’re only trying to invoke a feeling inside a reader.

For the heck of it I googled “Dark energy reservoir,” imagine my surprise to get a hit.

Although, looking at the comments, things didn’t seem go so well for the investors.


“invoke a feeling,” come to think of it, that’s a sort of resonance too, isn’t it? :wink:


Thiers is a different thing entirely…

Dark energy or vacuum energy cannot be used up!!!