Endless Job Interviews

I’ve read that there’s a new thing going around in companies everywhere, where the job applicant will be asked to have an inordinate number of interviews. And these are for “normal” jobs, not like jobs where you’d expect quite a few. My theory is this is the new way corporations are not rejecting you, maybe due to the possibility of a lawsuit. Rather they just wear you out until you go away. There was a similar things years ago where the standard practice was to send you a no thank you, when you applied. Which turned into not even saying no thank you, just not even responding to an application. This endless interview things seems like the latest incarnation of that. Anyone in HR that can shed some light?

If you’re right I can’t really blame corporations trying to weed out the most entitled applicants.

Or maybe corporations have become so overly complex that efficiency suffers.

How does putting candidates through endless interviews weed people out, when they themselves, the corporations, are the ones asking for employees? And even so, why would they “weed” people out in this manner? Why not just have the common courtesy to politely say no thanks?

And corporations haven’t gotten more complex. In fact with modern software, especially recruiting software and collaboration software, things are actually far less complex.

Good points. I was riffing off the avoiding lawsuits thing.