Do Low Fat Diets Make Us Fat? Maybe.

Granted, this article deals with Canadians, but it should apply to us Americans and other fat assed Western countries. The logic of it seems to hold up. And I’ve read a few other health research articles that suggest more or less the same idea.

Excessive food and sedentary lifestyles make people fat.
Obsessing over “diets” probably doesn’t help either.
I don’t know which I would rather read less…an article on diets or a Horoscope book from the grocery store checkout counter.

I’ve seen peer reviewed studies which came to the same conclusion. Wish I still had access to them. Reducing calories and increasing exercise reduces obesity. I dropped 50 pounds in less than three years by cutting most meat and dairy out of my diet. Despite what the article says, I prefer lean brisket to the fatty stuff.

Count your calories. Too many of them you will get fat no matter what you eat.