When your body becomes your enemy.

I’ve been blessed with a healthy fit body, I’ll be 62 in a couple days and since high school my weigh has been comfortably within the 150s.
In high school I did some independent learning about nutrition and learned some basics,
such as fat being one of our main fuels and not the horror it was being made out to be back then in the 70s.
I wound up concluding that the smartest health plan was to have a minimalist attitude towards my food intake.
Oh and I avoided putting a bunch of chemicals (in whatever their countless forms) all over my body.
I realized that the more I put into my body, the more my body was going to have to process.
Eat real food, avoid processed as much as possible, minimize sweets, show discipline while shopping,
once home the doing without was never that difficult to get over.
It has served me well and I feel confident passing on the advice.
Moderation is a wonderful thing. :lol:
I’m a lazy kinda guy, regular gym plan never gonna happen, I put in my time during high school athletics, I’m good.
I’ve made up for it by always having active jobs. Food service and carpentry and such, keeps a guy running, and I have.
I’ve had just enough health issues, youth rheumatic fever, back issues, injuries none radical,
the totally bizarre Bell’s Palsy I contracted a couple weeks after that damned election (yes they were related)
oh . . .
and an occasional hangover, which is about the most painful and wish I were dead I can imagine.
Thus another example of my body taking better care of me than I do myself,
namely curbing what could be a lustful appetite for good beer and wine and top shelf scotch and tequila and such.
Guess having a thin pocket book reinforces good intentions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I tell you that minimalism, tons of benefits, seriously :slight_smile:
Joints and muscles, strains and pains and cuts, none of that is like when your insides are out of sorts.
I’ve used the hangover experience to imagine what real pain such as cancer might be like.
It’s monstrous.
I get a half day version of living hell and it keeps me good for years.
It also makes me appreciation what a profound blessing genuine health and a self repairing body is.
Which brings me full circle, sort of.
DarronS is a friend of mine, we’ve met a couple times and I’ve even had him and his wife out here for dinner and walk.
I don’t always agree with what he’s posted here and I’m sure he wonders where I’m coming from sometimes
I’m good with that, a friend is a friend.
We haven’t heard from him in a while and it’s makes me wonder the horrors he might be enduring as I’m humming along
enjoying the luxury of freaking out about humanity self destructing our biosphere and society,
because my body and my day to day is humming along splendidly.
Amazed at the string of pearls I’ve received, not believing it can continue,
specially when I look around and see so so many others are trapped in mundane and unspeakable horrors.
How will I face up to loosing what’s dearest?
Of all the horrors people are enduring today, the worst I can imagine is having your body become your enemy.
Then in the end only death offers true relief. What is death? Your body shutting down and reverting back to it’s constituent elements.
The big sleep.
While what you put into your life, while you were around, carries on.