Do Forums sites like old Soldiers they never die, They just Fade awayd

Looking at many forms sites they all seem to have the same outcome.
The old soldier of the forums want to just fade away.
Alone with their metals of glory.

Why not just tell any new comer, We want to be left alone. go away.

The point being made below by " lausten " If you are a new comer most are view as Stupid unless you are not disruptive to the point of view - You the new comers) are told by the Old soldiers. New comers be aware- plagiarism if the format to how the information is dictated to you the new comers. So in short. unless you need no new thoughts this is the place for you.
That was not to Disruptive was it?
Ps. I have better things to do. I have got a life.
Thanks Tom Wlazlak - Corinne Technical Design Engineering - EttCM Energy Technology - Magnagravity Energy system Technology
and a few others

Because some newcomers contribute real value. Most are just streams of bad logic that need correcting. But we welcome all points of view, as long as they are not disruptive


And hopefully having left behind some pearls of wisdom that may help the next generation. That’s the essence of evolutionary processes.

At the end of the lecture on myth to geology that I posted earlier, he commented that there really isn’t so much “religion vs science” anymore, but it’s religions vs religions, defining how they relate to the world as the world moves toward not needing religion. I include the “new age”, “woo-woo” in this, the people who try to stake new ground, borrowing some science terms, but making a new belief system out of them.

Science can just keep going on, refining its tools, and looking for the next question. Belief systems will just keep to reacting to it.

I could not find the topic on myth to geology that was posted earlier
Lausten interesting: And what does that have to do with the topic of Old soldiers of forums That can’t come up with their own ideas and just stand on the shoes of other smarter thinkers and link to their insight, Woo-Woo seems to fit the bill. Them that can’t produce new ideas borrow, you know what I mean.
Anyhow I think you miss your own topic Myth to Science. But I guess memory loss is the first step. You just had a old timers moment.
Sorry, Old happens. and fading happens. you yourself are invisible. as was said in the topic earlier. Working perpetual motion machine
Lausten it is always fun having these conversations.

Hope that made you feel better

lausten: That is the first real you that I have seen,
thank you, for your honesty.
Sorry, about the old timer thing, I am more than likely much older than yourself.
Got to go now. hope I did not make to many waves.
(din-ma) tom

Yes, you do that. Make sure to keep us updated, lest this important discovery fades away in the mist of mythology.