"Ditat deus" on Arizona State emblem?

Ditat Deus, translated as “God Enriches”, on the state emblem in the Arizona courtroom where the trial of Jodi Arias is being televised.
Is there any move to get references to “God” removed from state emblems? And do all states have such references?

Kentucky too.

Thank you, wheld.
Colorado: is “Nothing without the deity”? Really?
Florida: “In God We Trust”? Not even original
Kentucky: translates to “Let us be grateful to God” :frowning:
Maryland: translates to “manly deeds, womanly words”, What?
Ohio: With God, all things are possible"
South Carolina: “Under God, the people rule”

In defense of my home state, I do want to point out that that religious motto wasn’t adopted until 2002 well after the right wing nuts took control of the general assembly. The traditional motto of “United We Stand” suggested by Issac Shelby, the first Governor in 1792 had until then been the motto and should be returned to it’s rightful place. Ohio also has a new religious motto adopted recently, " With god all things are possible". This sounds like a trend to revise the state histories to include a fundamentalist view point or a push back against the secularist philosophies on which the states were founded.
Cap’t Jack

Very discouraging. Explainable maybe, defensible , no.