Did Jerry Falwell, Jr do God's will?

So if the pool boy that Jerry got to have carnal knowledge with his wife, while he watched, several times a year over a number of years… If that pool boy was a neighbor of theirs, then I propose that Jerry did God’s will.

For did the Lord not say “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”?

My wife is adamant in her belief that it will shortly come out that it was not Jerry’s wife who did the pool boy, but Jerry himself. It is kind of a pattern with the biggest right-wing anti-gay voices out there.

If that is the case, then Jerry, Jr, still loved his neighbor as himself. So he is good to go, free of sin. Except of course that he is a hypocrite who decries such behavior by others. And he is a t rump supporter, so he will inevitably (metaphorically) burn in hell for that.

Anyone who is both a Trump supporter and claims to be religious with a higher morality is by definition a hypocrite.

Tim you beat me again.

Wait, what am I saying?

Okay wait, you didn’t beat me, well, not in the biblical sense at least - I don’t go for that, but let me tell you who does, …