Denisovan - Considering the physical reality of where we came from..

What a fascinating story. It keeps getting interestinger, and interestinger.

Among the gems in this 13 min video, I’d never heard of Protein Tracing, along the lines who DNA is extracted, but focusing on the various proteins. Mind boggling what them smart minds keep thinking up.


Not the most exciting speaker, but pretty dang fascinating information. I think a lot of you would enjoy, even if it is just a guy at his desk.


YouTube | Shouting From The Rooftops | May 10, 2019

“Denisovan Jaw At Last!”

Recently, scientists announced that a mandible found in a cave in Xiahe County on the Tibetan Plateau in China belonged to a Denisovan individual. This is the first clear Denisovan fossil found outside Denisova Cave in Siberia.

This video discusses the dramatic discovery and its significance for better understanding this important and little-known Denisovan people.

References: 1. A late Middle Pleistocene Denisovan mandible from the Tibetan Plateau Fahu Chen, Frido Welker, Chuan-Chou Shen, Shara E. Bailey, Inga Bergmann, Simon Davis, Huan Xia, Hui Wang, Roman Fischer, Sarah E. Freidline, Tsai-Luen Yu, Matthew M. Skinner, Stefanie Stelzer, Guangrong Dong, Qiaomei Fu, Guanghui Dong, Jian Wang, Dongju Zhang & Jean-Jacques Hublin Nature (2019) |


What do you think about the humanity’s story?


A jawbone was found by a Chinese monk in a holy cave high on the Tibetan Plateau. Photo by DONGJU ZHANG/LANZHOU UNIVERSITY

First fossil jaw of Denisovans finally puts a face on elusive human relatives
By Ann Gibbons, May. 1, 2019

Thirty-nine years ago, a Buddhist monk meditating in a cave on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau found something strange: a human jawbone with giant molars. The fossil eventually found its way to scientists. Now, almost 4 decades later, a groundbreaking new way to identify human fossils based on ancient proteins shows the jaw belonged to a Denisovan, a mysterious extinct cousin of Neanderthals. …


Just ran across this interesting story.

Geneticists Studying Ancient DNA Discovered A Girl Whose Parents Were Two Different Species

At a laboratory in Germany, a researcher sits stunned. Surely it can’t be true? It looks like something scientists thought they would never find. But there’s no mistake here: this girl was born from two entirely different species. Once the startled experts uncovered the true significance of the unsettling discovery, they realized there was no going back. The mysterious girl, and our own forgotten past, would never be the same.

The chances of uncovering proof of this? Slim at best, or so the experts thought. Then researchers in a cave in Siberia stumbled upon a tiny fragment of bone. Initially, the team didn’t even realize that this came from a hominin – a term that just means “all the species regarded as human.” But soon an incredible story began to unfold.


Alrightie, so we have hard evidence that inter-racial marriages have been happening since forever.

Shocking, simply shocking. 🥸