Demons, possessions, exorcisms and DID

I’m writing a PsyD dissertation for my graduation about an unusual topic.
The idea is to collect researches, experiences, papers and information about the demonic possessions as a symptom of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Even if it’s a scientific dissertation, I’m really open-minded and I want to give space also to the religious interpretation of the events.

I’m opening this topic to collect experiences, opinions, feedbacks and whatever you think can be useful to my project. I don’t care if it is with or against my point of view and the thesis of the dissertation, as I said all the personal toughts and experiences are very welcome.

Thank you so much if you decide to help me in this ambitious project <3

I can recommend studying some of Anil Seth’s work on :

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

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It might take some digging, but try the “Paranormal” sub-category, and use the search engine. We get people who come and go, asking for advice on how to deal with demons. They don’t last long because anyone checking this forum regularly only provides the scientific answers, and they are looking for spiritual answers. You can click on the names of people you find to get their contact information. I wouldn’t expect a high response rate, but you might find a couple. People can be very enthusiastic about their experiences.

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