Debunking of Conjuring(Anabelle doll).

I just wanted to know the real explanation behind the Conjuring movie and as it states it based on real incidents and how the Anabelle doll is still in captive and other stuff. Also then Ed and Lorraine Warren are fraudster or something then??

The term “based on a true story” actually means “a complete work of fiction inspired by something that really happened”. The Amityville Horror, an old horror movie from the '80s, was “based on a true story” and it was terrifying. But in this case what that statement meant was that some guy killed his family and then his lawyer made up this nonsense about the house being haunted to get him out of the charges. He even hired people to move into the house and then run away from it claiming that they, too, had been the victims of the evil withing. The actual truth of the matter is that the only monster in the house was the one they arrested for multiple murders.

So the whole “based on a true story” or “based on true events”, that’s actually meaningless garbage. It’s still total fiction. Nothing in the movie is what actually happened.