Database of Publicly Accused Catholic Priests in the United States

public service announcement Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States Click a state on the map to view a list of dioceses in that state. Then click on the name of a diocese to view our current list of accused priests who worked in the diocese.

While some accusations may turn out to be true, it is bullying to basically create a list of “scarlet letter” people who haven’t even been tried in court for the crimes they are accused of.
Further, to focus solely on priests to the exclusion of all others, when we know that this isn’t limited to one religion or one gender, amounts to bigotry.
Shame on you, on both counts. It’s barely hidden that we only use this scandal to appear less-hated than the Catholic church, rather than any concern for victims.

A database of convicted priests would probably be a bit more “kosher”.

Shame on you, on both counts.
Shame on taking advantage of children! . . . and hiding behind their sanctimonious robes. Well, considering the Catholic church seems to be quite active in stonewalling those public investigations and prosecutions, not sure that list fits under the playing dirty department. Perhaps the fact that Catholic Priests consider themselves the absolute arbiter's of "God's morality" that they deserve the outrage they have received for so many turning out to be such contemptible scumbags. Oh and while on the topic where the hell do they get off attacking birth control and a woman's right to sovereignty over their own bodies and lives ??? Perhaps they deserve some of the outrage, even as other's deserve condemnation for the same sort of behavior. Shame on them all :blank: