Data-backed Human Nature Algorithm hacked and exposed. Stop War/Crisis. Know anybody with a mere look. Increase your seduction. Build the best relationships. Have a good life, not good moods

Publishing this under General Discussion because Humans are the core of every topic and this article is on Human/Animal Interaction, Human Nature (HN) and Human Potential Development (HPD). I hope you find it terribly insightful.

Is a precise Human Nature Algorithm (HNA) possible ?
Can Humanity finally scrap the vague, reactionary, relativist standards of the sanguine, melancholic etc groupings, Rob Greenes self-help book Laws of Human Nature (LOHN) and its Coquet etc groupings, and other imprecise attempts to pinpoint HN through many generations, to finally see each human/animal for their Guts coding?

Quoting this Shortform page on LOHN (link)

Typically, we have no idea why anyone (including ourselves) does anything. This is because feelings and thoughts are controlled by different parts of the brain—we can’t consciously access the source of an emotion or mood.

But what if we could? I call farce on the above text and prove it in 1/5 less space than the 624 pages of LOHM so that even the laziest reader can digest this crucial information.
My book Decoded: Esaus And Jacobs #DEJS argues that HN is just a simple line of human code which we’ve been looking at wrong. Imagine how much happier and powerful this code christened Chibuezes Human Nature Quadrant #CHNQ would make us? We could understand and potentially solve identity and interpersonal issues which is the core of War, Suicide, Divorce, Mental health, midlife crisis, sexuality confusion, domestic violence etc, issues I label The Babel flaw. Stay with me as I explain.

This Data Age of the Information Age is marked by Precision and Concision and, true to form of being the HNA of the Data Age, I could have published the entirety of this highly precise algorithm in a single Newspaper article but that would have cost me more money than publishing for free on Amazon. Lol

We could hack why people do what they do, better understand the core differences and not judge them but simply install and uninstall programs that are part of each others Guts coding, towards optimum Human Potential Development (HPD). This is a lot of talk so allow me to attempt a Demo.

Henceforth only think of Male vs Female secondarily while observing human/animal interaction. Think primarily in Esaus (E’s) vs Jacobs (J’s).
For purposes of my explanation and because I am E, E here is male and J is female.

As an Esau the fullness of my HPD is your stereotypical Professor, or Philosopher in a kings court, or a god. I am laid back, deep, not the fastest out at the races as I’m too focused on Theory. I often wear a serious countenance, with a rather contrived smile if you know how to look. I’m originally a Globalist and Conservative.
My archenemy/love-of-my-life is a Jacob woman with a wide smile but not nearly as much depth as myself. She is direct, playful, practical and grabs life by the scruff and just goes at it. She identifies as a Princess and the fullness of her HPD is a Queen.

Esaus only learn to grab life by the scruff and become more practical when we grow up and suffer The Curse of the Esau ie getting a rude awakening with his birthright stolen by a Jacob (who is just as disappointed in his indirect lifestyle as he is in her directness). Opposites Attract so they love/seduce each other naturally but lack the requisite algorithm to immediately understand and recognise their differences, appreciate it and wonder at it. Natural attraction/seduction draws them together but thereafter, the differences which common sense dictates should keep them together and cover each others blind spots is resented.

Vlad Putin falls into the Jacob (or hybrid Jacob) quadrant of the #CHNQ. Same as Trump, Kim Jung Un, Cristiano Ronaldo and also Beyoncé (Relax Hive :honeybee:, I mean well). Jacobs are nationalists, their human potential development afterall is to be Kings and Queens (compare to Esaus; gods and goddesses eg Jurgen Klopp, Wilbur Wright, Shawn ‘JayZ’ Carter aka Hov). The Jacob will fight aggressively for whatever is their nation, their home, their own. Jacobs make the homestead survive because if left to the Immature Esau, home will be lost. He is afterall a dreamy, impractical, theoretical Globalist lad at first, which was why he biblically lost and till date, loses his birthright to the Jacob seductress. Knowledge of #CHNQ can help keep Putin in balance, either by himself or other Russian stakeholders. Hence I pitch #CHNQ and #DEJS as Nobel Peace Prize material.

Now it’ll appear I’m in danger of painting the Jacobs as the devil, but I’m not.
The Esau has hurt Jacob before with his incompetence. In her immature Princess form, She trusts his theoretical brain, Vision and big words and follow his lead but he’s not practical and they go hungry or he hurts her. He loses the birthright (the entire family’s inheritance, including Jacobs) to his Jacob friend outside. Jacob can’t and shouldn’t trust the immature Esau, but fatal attraction happens and this is where all crisis stems from, The Babel Flaw: from following our gut/instinct without seeing the complete picture.
By our shared ignorance we create intolerant parties, who not knowing any better eventually despise each other convinced the other is toxic and a Devil incarnate :smiling_imp: .

But this is only describing how the difference causes interpersonal crisis. How does it cause the personal crisis I listed above like depression, suicide etc ?

Read the More Details in this link for a general idea of this. I’m mighty grateful for a chance at your audience. If you’d like to read it, the major outlets are here Please engage :pray:t4:

Jacobs make the homestead survive against what that the Esau would lose to?

Who is that unknown and unidentified robber of homes if it is not a Jacob or an Esau?

p.s. I know that Trump is a demon incarnate. Where he walks things begin to die.

Thanks! Note the caveat that these classifications apply best for naive forms of both, though you cannot change your internal code but maturity ( and this is not merely growing older) reduces your flaws. So an Esau who knows the game that a cute princess is playing can protect himself. And vice versa.

Jacobs are nationalist, hence they prioritize home and security.
Esaus are globalist, a dreamer. Why do you look to the moon when you’ve not perfected your foundations? They’ll lose their ‘birthright’ to sharper, more direct Jacobs in society ie conmen, cold hearted players posing as lovers etc. Human interaction is often a game of seduction and Jacobs suffer too but differently.

For Both parties, their flaw is they stay limited and can’t grow until they’re forced to migrate to the center of the spectrum and MATURE. Most rappers who get killed in America recklessly walking around their old hood without security despite their multimillion dollar net worths are immature Jacobs. Most people who get finessed by ‘Bimbos’ and lose their fortune are immature Esaus. It’s almost that simple.

Uhmm these are the two main classifications, the others are hybrids of both groups. We are each weak to those in opposite quadrants to us. They can seduce us easily. In the same vein we are both stronger if we can celebrate our differences and build together.

Re Trump, that’s understandable, he’s a politician and they’re hardly people you’d vouch for. Yet this view you hold is the reason why my book had to be published, because it is Reactionary. The problem being that if a man with the capacity of being evil (which we all are, Do not pray to be pushed to the wall, mental health is a dice game) comes with the charm of a king while seducing a lover, you’ll fall into thinking he came to save you not recognising the natural flaws of that personality. Then someday while under great stress he exhibits as the tyrant which every king suppresses and you’re shocked by this and convinced you married the devil. Often resulting in deep resentment and divorce. Makes sense ?

Under stress we can let our shadow persona bubble up. And In the same vein Esaus assume the God-complex when stressed so that I write that most crimes of passion are committed by Esaus.

It makes sense when considering that Trump has been an evil person all his life. The people who get fooled today, never took the time to read this demon’s lifestory. The data!

Remember who his mentor was? Roy Cohn, the very expression of evil, taught Trump everything he knows and has applied to lie, cheat and rob people of their hard-earned dollars.

He used to kick his brother’s sandcastles on the beach, just for “fun”.
This guy has been evil All his life. He is the type to delight in another’s misery!
The DATA shows this clearly!!!

Thanks for this because this is something I talk about in #DEJS because somebody has to love this ‘tyrant’ of a guy right ?

How do you do that especially being that you’re his opposite (opposites attract) and should ideally hate his rampant guts ?

Well Since he’s stuck in Prince/Princess mode, It gives his Esau partner the duty of being a professor and effectively Whipping him: BDSM.

The Bible is the wisest book, and it’s not about Religion but History and lessons

Fun fact: Jacobs usually naturally identify as Democrats, Esaus as Conservatives

I beg to differ. If you cherry pick the bible, you can find some words of wisdom, but on the whole the bible is just a collection of fireside stories.

My favorite book is the “Skeptics Annotated Bible”, which systematically unpacks the bible for its value as a model for civilization.

And exactly what does “naturally identified” mean when Democratic and Conservative are unrelated anthropomorphisms? (false equivalence).

In regard to BDSM as a positive lifestyle. I like to remind people that the Inquisition’s creed read as follows:

The 1578 edition of the Directorium Inquisitorum (a standard Inquisitorial manual) spelled out the purpose of inquisitorial penalties: … quoniam punitio non refertur primo & per se in correctionem & bonum eius qui punitur, sed in bonum publicum ut alij terreantur, & a malis committendis avocentur (translation: “… for punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit”).

You see, instead of enslaving submissives, I like to restore their confidence and individuality and rid them of the concept that pain and punishment is an indication of love and care.

“spare the rod and spoil the child” is not effective , nor conducive to achieving balanced maturity. I don’t like primitive measures .
I believe the human race can do better than that.

The Bible is NOT a historical book nor is it wise. There is nothing historically accurate in the Bible.

I’ve seen extreme BDSM scenes and I don’t subscribe to those, they’re probably unmatched souls who lack the resources to teach each other, not merely brutalise and subdue and be dirty. In animal training as I saw in Cesar Milan, after discipline you must “Follow up”. This is your chance to restore whatever you’re restoring. What greater show of self-authority than the existence of safe words and still being in control despite your master owning you ?
In fifty shades of Grey, Christian commends Anna for ‘Domming from the bottom’. Things aren’t always black or white

Slight modification, A very wise collection of Stories

It means that natures coding of their guts direct them to naturally identify with the beliefs they’re prone to identifying with . The coding of the gut is the entire basis of my publication

Yes not ideal. But we’re not in utopia and before we even became intelligent enough to say ‘ideal’ and other words, we already received and internalised influences which warped or made us to various degrees.
My bio says I unscramble eggs, however if you knew you’d want your eggs unscrambled you could just avoid preparing the damn dish.

And yes my work is focused on the human race doing better. It’s our duty to be Leaders and not fallen angels. Thank you for taking the time to engage me when I feel you feel this is a waste of time. Appreciate it.

Any stories from the past is history isn’t it, whether fiction or non fiction . Isn’t it ?

You’d be shocked.

However what do I know, right? I’m just a business man, I can’t claim to have the knowledge available to academia and students of philosophy, theology and other social and life sciences. I’m just very delighted to have this forum of skeptics to rub minds with and who’ll hopefully elect to own a copy of my data-based human nature book even if only to critic it or hopefully to become converts and do what I believe can be global good. This book can be Nobel Peace Prize material and I only wrote it not because I’m an author but because I used and sharpened the algorithm for years in unethical experiments and had to share it. Hopefully do some good. I rant :pray:t4:

A story from the past is part of history.

History can be recounted accurately, but never 100% accurately.

I agree Chief, because narration is subject to a lot of factors; from literature factors like metaphors and co, to mental factors like schizophrenia and everything in between.
It’s why I believe I’m not taking the words in the Bible at face value and instead listening closely to truly hear. In my opinion it is a wise and intentional collection

That’s fine. I do the same thing. But it’s still not an account of historical events. You said it was “History” with a capital H, seeming to indicate the first definition, “the study of past events, particularly in human affairs” not the second, “the whole series of past events connected with someone or something”.

I went to a talk given by a prison Chaplain yesterday and asked her if the Bible or other scripture has applications to non-believers today. She thought it did, saying Jesus spoke to the unserved, the people in need, the forgotten, and that’s an important message. I’m sure she had a lot more to say on that, but basically, I don’t disagree.

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No it is not history, whether fiction or nonfiction. The story/myth of Geo. Washington chopping down a cherry tree is not historical, but it is fiction. It is a story/myth that has lasted for centuries though, but it doesn’t make it history. The story of Thor is not history. It is a myth, just as the story of Geo. Washington and the Bible are not history. Theology can fall under either philosophy or mythology, but not history or science.


History is a recounting of factual events.

Mythology is not based on factual events and therefore is not history, but mythology.


Your narration is full of contradictions.

If you are not taking the words in the bible at face value, how can you claim it is accurate history?

Your doing an excellent job of proving that point!

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