Controlled Experiments on Telepathy

A person as myself having this gift of communicating mind to mind without using any technology is there a group of people or organization that will conduct such experiment ?

I 37 years old male have that gift and willing and longing take part of a clear experiment (scientifically). The question most people will say how do i have that gift, even explain or convince them. My answer is I also conduct my own experiments such as giving information or messages to another person the messages were included “words(english) numbers(numerics eg 0-9 ) symbols (cross)” and the person got it correctly and perfectly 100% and prove to my self that i have such gift. Now im going to the next level to be more precise so the only way for me to see it is to conduct in a controlled laboratory with scientific methods. Please help me find an organization, person/s or anyone willing to make it happen. Thank you all

It’s likely that any person or group who would conduct the experiment would want some background and explanation of how your ‘gift’ works.

  • How is information transmitted between minds (what is the mechanism)?
  • Is distance a factor?
  • Do different materials affect the transmission (ie., is concrete, lead or tin foil a barrier to communicating mind to mind)?
  • Do both parties need to be aware of what's going on, or can you transmit information to an unsuspecting person?
  • How detailed can the information be (can you only communicate symbols or are complex ideas possible?)
  • How do you use this in your everyday life?
  • etc.
Feel free to answer these questions here. If no one here is able to conduct the experiments, at least we can help you iron out any problems you might have with your presentation.

You’re a few years too late. James Randi would have given you a million dollars until the offer was terminated in 2015 after some version of it going since 1964. In over 50 years nobody scientifically tested was ever able to claim the prize.

You are going to be unlikely to find anyone willing to scientifically test this for you. During the years Randi did it he met with all kinds of frauds and deluded people. It was a huge waste of time and resources. Literally ALL paranormal claims have either A) not been proven true or B) been proven not true. There is no incentive to investigate further because your claim, like all before it, has an extremely high probability of being proved false, approaching 100% probability. Most scientists just aren’t willing to go through the time and expense of running an experiment when they already know what the result will be.

There was a guy who wrote things down that he had dreamed and held them up to security cameras. Security cameras have time stamps. So, if his dream came true, he could prove he had predicted that.

It sounds like you are saying that you think things, then send those thoughts to others. Couldn’t you just walk up to someone at a university and send them some thoughts, then hand them a written document of the thoughts? That would get their interest.

Interestingly, I once watched a George Carlin act where he “predicted” 6 things which came true within 10 years. I haven’t been able to find it since, though. Obviously he was just doing a comedy skit and wasn’t actually “predicting” anything, but it shows how we can make associations after the fact which aren’t at all true.

I know the segment was out of one of his standup routines on a stage. I believe it was just a few months before the Columbine shooting which, as memory serves, was the first one of his “predictions” to come true, if anyone cares to see if they can find it. I have tried repeatedly, but for the love of Ozzy I can’t seem to find it again.


How is information transmitted between minds (what is the mechanism)? - i dont know how but i just know, its like thinking and that is it.
Is distance a factor? - absolutely
Do different materials affect the transmission (ie., is concrete, lead or tin foil a barrier to communicating mind to mind)? -

there are no solid barriers anything can get transmitted maybe its another frequency i guess
Do both parties need to be aware of what’s going on, or can you transmit information to an unsuspecting person? -

i don’t need the other person to be aware off
How detailed can the information be (can you only communicate symbols or are complex ideas possible?) maybe not mathematical ideas its to complex for the other person i have to make the communication strong in which the person cannot take it that far
How do you use this in your everyday life? i don’t use it in everyday in my life



@Widdershin because all they want is money and fame, well i don’t do that i just want to be tested and refine it,

@Lausten the problem of that idea is the person will be confused and distraught because the person probably hear it as a normal voice but in a controlled laboratory both participants and witnesses knew the environment.

@Widdenshins maybe maybe not… if i got this then some people already got it first.

@3point14rat I’m hoping that scientist can help me find a solution to refine it, my problem is also how am i suppose to gather evidence about it with out making a the populous panic. I know alot about people either they will bring this down out of fear or use it to bring fear and we also know that military and corporations are making it possible to gain power and control using a technology. please sir help me out here anyone help me out to prove it in scientific basis without making alot of noise. Maybe i need some training in a laboratory to pin point accuracy. Do you know person/s will to test me out because that is my huge problem. Thanks in advance

Arnold, it should only take a few people you know and trust to prove this. Then, you should be able to find someone in that circle who knows someone who knows a student, or someone associated some kind of “lab”. If you can’t convince someone outside of that circle, then the problem is probably that you don’t really have psychic abilities. If there were secret labs where things like this were tested, then CFI forum would not be the place to find out about them. Sorry.

@Lausten I already prove it and they approved it that i have it my problem is how to bring it to science and tested it out right and gather as much as data as possible i have no idea on how to this out because they will tell me that i have a mental problem and ofcouse they will bother me and pisses me off then the problem will naturally grow bigger when i this is presented to group of intellectuals ei. scientist they know what to do and we will go on with our live as much as possible with out bothering anyone and of course make a solution and possibly make a application that can be use of. I am trying so hard to contact as much as possible to media other organization and skeptics alike to tell then that I myself have it not a fake just to have a 5 mins of fame and money but most they reject it i have no idea why are they scared or they think im insane, mentally ill or use them in anyways I wont waste anybody’s time to be a jerk that’s just not ME.

do you know anyone or anthing to help me out here to prove this ? I will take anyone and anything even a North Korea scientist ill take it just to see it proven i really dont care who and where. Thank you and have a good day

You’re obviously not serious Arnold. Move along. Go bother some other forum.

@Lausten im serious about it, like i said i don’t waste my time doing it. i send too many emails on a lot of organization to help me prove it does exist, yet they will only get those charlatans and not the real thing that is the reason why i will accept anyone and any group just to do it. most reputable organizations treat this as a joke or treat me as a charlatan and pisses me off so bad they only want the people on T.V. if someone will take me seriously enough and do tests i wont hesitate. I do apologize for any inconvenience all i want is to prove it along with science.

So, you can walk up to someone and send a message to their mind, but you send emails? Seriously?

Claims like these have been tested to death. Whatever it is you think you can do (I’m still not entirely clear on that), you can’t. You are not the first person to believe you had some mysterious power and want it tested. Many have been tested before you. ALL have failed to pass a single scientific test. The signals in the brain are so week it takes electrodes attached directly to the skin to detect them, and even then they must be amplified to be read. And if I understand it correctly (I may not) the actual workings of our brains are actually chemical reactions with the electrical signals simply being byproducts of those chemical reactions. We don’t “think” with electricity like computers do.

@Widdershin That is the reason why i’m so curious on my ability on how to detect in our current technology. To you sir I may or may not have the telepathic ability but to the contrary absolutely have them, because how can a person receive messages without using my mouth it bothers me a lot on (4HW) can be produced on a controlled manner, I know in a controlled laboratory can be help. The 5g technology can affect the whole human body maybe the signals are so minute or moving so slow that our current technology cannot detect it. I want myself to be a willing test subject in that matter for the sake of science.

Have you tried googling it? Stay away from the places that just want you to answer some questions online and then take your money, but contrary to what you’ve said, governments and universities do study these phenomena. Here are some names. Maybe they can refer you to someone who is starting a study.

So what, exactly, is it you are claiming can do? “Send messages” is kind of vague. What kind of distance are we talking? Can you send me a message over an unknown distance? Or do you have to be near the person?

Most times when people think they’ve confirmed something like this there are several things going on. First, there are subtle cues they are presenting that the others are picking up on. Second, others may be screwing with them, telling them it works. Third, and most common, we as human beings tend to ignore our failures and only focus on our successes. If you try a thousand times and it fails 999 of those times your brain is wired to only give significance to the 1 success. Failure is boring. Not sending messages with your mind is boring. But telepathic communication, that’s exciting. That’s memorable.

I don’t know any scientists who would be willing and able to help you. I know one retired physicist. Though our hours long chats are interesting, he’s not exactly in a position to requisition lab space and personnel for testing. If there’s anything I can do to help from here I’d be happy to help. I used to be into this kind of stuff too, but these days I prefer reality.

When I was a kid, people were really into this. It was that time when the Russians were rumored to be creating a physic army. So, my dad bought these cards. Now you can just print your own. They came with instructions for how to test yourself. We did it at our dining room table. I’m pretty sure my dad’s real intention was to teach us statistics. We had some tests come out just a little above random chance, then we did a few more, like the instructions said you should, and those came out lower, averaging out to random.

This is what a “lab” will do Arnold. I’ve got $100 that says you won’t pass this basic test, and $200 that says you haven’t tried it.