Telepathy on controlled experiment

A person as myself having this gift of communicating mind to mind without using any technology is there a group of people or organization that will conduct such experiment ?

I 37 years old male have that gift and willing and longing take part of a clear experiment (scientifically). The question most people will say how do i have that gift, even explain or convince them. My answer is I also conduct my own experiments such as giving information or messages to another person the messages were included “words(english) numbers(numerics eg 0-9 ) symbols (cross)” and the person got it correctly and perfectly 100% and prove to my self that i have such gift. Now im going to the next level to be more precise so the only way for me to see it is to conduct in a controlled laboratory with scientific methods.

So you Betazoid, Membari, or another telepathic species? Every sci-fi I watch I generally like the telepaths. I’m willing to play along, but I get the feeling this really should go in the SciFi section of the board. Introducing yourself in this manner, I hope you were expecting people to see this as some sort of game, scifi fan RPG thing. If not, I’m sorry. Not making fun, just playing along with the game.

So Arnold, can you only “send” info to another’s mind or can you also receive messages from another’s? i.e., Do you have just a limited form of telepathy and not any other “paranormal” psychic abilities, e.g., premonitions of any sort?

@TimB yes. I can bt i didn’t experiment it yet its too dangerous to get the part because of people, they might send tremendous info and possibly go insane doing that, i have dreams before i got this its kinna weird that i came all true in very specific from technology finance even natural events sadly i can remember in details of the technology i dreamt mostly natural events and some finance (my finances) not market. Believe it or not.

In addition i made some experiment on the range i can get about 25-30 meters but still unclear tho i really need controlled experiments means i need people can follow “Instructions” becasuse most people dont know on how to deal such event or experience and rely only to their feeling which i dont need it. will you kind sir help me out to get the people or organization to deal with this.

@Mriana No maam im not into telepathic species and i dont know what is Betazoid, Membari is. im just a person having they so called gift of telepathy. i know what is game or a scifi thing, all i want is to know or get as much as possible info or get help to be a test subject on telepathy or esp experiments. i ve been sending emails to many organization universities like Cornell university and others to take part of their experiments. i hope this forum maybe able to help me on this. thank you

Arnold, your response to me had so many typos, I don’t really understand what unusual powers you are claiming to have. Perhaps English is not your native language.

@TimB True that English is not my native language. I hope we can talk on skype : )

SkypeID : live:belato_8

im on +8 GMT thank you

Use your imagination Arnold. It’s impossible to not be able to prove you have powers like you claim.

I can only say that if I were able to put words and ideas directly into the head of other people, I would have no trouble at all convincing the world of my ability to do so.

Go to a university campus and walk around the psychology department sending out your request for someone to conduct experiments on you. If no one answers, you’ve successfully completed the first and only experiment necessary.

@3point14rat sir with all the respect i already did those and there reactions are i’am crazy, they heard it from somebody, mentally ill or troubles like they will come over and over again and i dont know why they will claim they have it too. well they dont plain and simple. I told people before that most people dont know how to react unknown things they will put me in danger and them selfs. This is the reason why scientist are trained to do so and most people are not scientist. Its like when you know today your religion is not worthed and you have spend most of your life believing it what would you do ? another example a market crash and you lost your only job what would do ? to most people iits very chaotic because they are not trained to react this kind of events.

I think you misunderstood me, Arnold.

My idea was for you to hang out near a bunch of researchers in a university and broadcast your thoughts to them. If you have any abilities, they will have no choice but to be aware of you putting thoughts into their heads.

This plan is 100% foolproof. The only way it won’t work is if you don’t do it.

I am not sure that is a foolproof plan, 3point. If the Harvard School of Psychology students and faculty suddenly started having odd, common, intrusive thoughts, they would come up with all sorts of hypotheses about what was happening to them. I am not sure that one of those hypotheses would be “the odd dude who sits out in the courtyard all the time is putting these thoughts in our heads”.

And if he tried to tell them before they came up with the idea, they would assume he was nuts.

What he could do is to send them a letter, AFTER they started having the intrusive thoughts that Arnold sent them, but with a message that was verifiably time-stamped BEFORE he began his mental thought projections on the students and faculty. That time-stamped message would tell them what he had planned to do (and had now done).

People do this for entertainment, so, send a random number to someone, then hand them a piece of paper with that number. No danger, no crazy, they will think it is a neat trick. Eventually someone will ask how you did it.

@3point14rat TimB is right all the way, i did that and they think i’m mentally ill and of course the context will pass to another and so on it will be harder for me to get a job for that reason not counting the discrimination the people have mentally challenge. I did happen to me to a few jobs, was discriminated for that reason only (rumors) they questioned all my certificates, skills even exams that i all passed with flying colors. not to mention insane people following me around, there is are some people following me around where ever i go it absolutely sound that i have mentally ill because i talk to my friends and family that some people are following me around. Totally Insane here, people are dumb they will just follow me around without no reason and they will not talk to me about it they will just “zoom in zoom out” near me or hide them self some where i cant see them, of course i understand poor minded people. but the problem is getting worst day by day due to their activities. If you question me how did i know ? well… i know the place like the back of my hand and experience of my daily life, sometime ill make a daily routine and i know who’s there and how not sometimes i mix things in purpose and i know who’s there and who’s not.

Its kinna funny that some people i think that they have too or they will try to connect to me, as far as i know they cannot connect it the simple explanation is they just can’t because they don’t know how deal with it , no how to do it, have no idea what are they are doing… like Albert Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

So yeah some people know it and afraid to tell the whole world about it and won’t even help find scientist to prove it in a scientific manner. To those people are following me around i told to find a scientists and do something to look for a scientist in order for me to prove it. well they are doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… we all know that

Tim, if you had those abilities, I think it would be trivially easy for you to convince others that you had those abilities.

If Arnold can communicate complex, detailed messages, there’s no way he couldn’t walk up to a bunch of strangers and communicate with them in a way that leaves no doubt as to what his abilities are.

It’s like saying you can lift 10 tons with one hand but no one will believe you. Maybe lift 10 tons with one hand and they will.

I agree. If I had those abilities I also think I could convince others. But maybe I would just keep the ability to myself for awhile and play around with it.

You think like me, Tim. If I ever invent a time machine the way you’ll know I did it is you’ll be watching the opening of some ancient tomb on television and some reporter or researcher at the scene will be confused at finding their own body in the tomb.

@3point14rat My thing is to present it to the scientific community to have a controlled experiments and not to do a community thing as for the question is if they do believe it? Yes some of them. Like i said most people don;t know on HOW to deal with it. I think you dont understand what i’ve said about peoples reaction to unknown thing or sudden unknown things most of them reacted to what they know best like lose a job on the dot. ask any psychologist or any economist of people’s reaction of losing sudden things. They will tell you most people are into chaos and do what they know best but the problem they are not prepared to deal with this kind of problem even study them in this situation. Observe other most people on what they do next after they lose their jobs it takes while to sink in even there know what to do next.

This is the reason why i go to the internet or to the media section because it is the fastest way for me to get a controlled experiment.


@Widdershins That would be very entertaining for most but absolutely dangerous for me then… a mafia, politicians ,military complex or corporations will surely take advantage of what you have and you will be disappear permanently without a trace and they will call out a television trick. It will be a wet dream for power hungry people, just like what i have w/c i can send info to another person but idiots didn’t realize it is very dangerous to mess me up. waaayyy to dangerous but they did it anyway, all i can say is you can’t blame idiots because they are idiots ex. If you give a nuclear plant to a stone age man he doesnt know how to utilize it, it will bring a nuclear disaster to a community , country or possible to humanity. Better be studied to a group of individual to utilize it. I’ve been waiting this whole time for a scientists or any organization will conduct experiments on my behalf with my ability. From average people and below are way to dangerous to handle this kind of tools or abilities.

It will be a wet dream for power hungry people
Soooo, you have trouble with English, but you know some phrases, Hmmm. We're not stupid here. You are avoiding our obvious problems with your plans by saying this "danger" stuff, but you're throwing out your phone number and contact info on a publicly available website. If the "power hungry people" want you, they are already on their way.