Controlled Experiments on Telepathy

Your dad sounds cool. I remember back when the Russians were bad guys. I remember learning in grade school how evil they were. That’s why I’m so freaked out now that they’re actually attacking us electronically and it’s all cool.

@Lausten Thank you for the names… one of those names already sent a lot of emails including Infoskeptics, Rupertsheldrake and others even i see some videos on youtube unfortunately they didn’t email back i would say they are busy i guess but some do email back like Rupert Sheldrake org.

Thank you for your enthusiastic email, which I will pass onto Rupert Sheldrake. You can test yourself here on these online telepathy tests, which are simple and fun to do. The Telephone Telepathy test can only be done in certain countries. Rupert writes about these phenomena in his book THE SENSE OF BEING STARED AT, which you might enjoy reading. Good luck with your tests. Best wishes First name Last name (Researcher) " i edited the Researcher’s for privacy "

and some organizations do not make scientific experiments only Stars … but nevertheless im optimistic about scientific experiments on Telepathy and soon as possible they will find me very authentic atmost. thank you

@Widdershins about the distance i can do close to me 1meter to as far as 10m. First Q- I don’t make any cues that is a failure in the experiment Second Q- i know they are screwing around because my messages were hidden and the participant didnot know the what are those messages they have to tell first the “message” i send in to the participant’s mind the results were exactly a like 100%. Third Q- failure is part of knowing the truth. Please do recommend me to your Physicist friend. my SkypeID : live:belato_8 im at +8 GMT he may chat for Adding friend’s list. Thank you

I’m not going to put a retired physicist in contact with a random person of the Internet to do a study on psychic powers. He’s a retired physicist. He would laugh at me.

Look up “double blind experiment” to see how to run the experiment yourself. Basically you would need you, a receiver and a test giver. The receiver would be unable to see or hear you and the test giver would give you the message to be delivered, unknown to either of you until the experiment begins. Once the message is delivered the receiver is asked to recite the message, all while still being unable to see or hear you. In strictly controlled circumstances you wouldn’t even know who the receiver was until after, also being unable to see or hear them.

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@Widdershins He would definitely laugh at you thats what ive been through LAUGHED at treat me like a homeless insane guy and they are still laughing about it until now, but i persisted and proved it that telepathy does exist in me the next thing to do is to present in science with ofcouse in a controlled laboratory all i need is a willing person as a counter part of the test more like sender and receiver that is the reason why im going to an organization that will conduct such experiments or have experience in those types. The funny this is some people will claim it and will say exactly what ive said. Do you have any contacts are willing to make those experiments ? Please recommend me Arnold V. Ungab to them thank you.

He would laugh at me that I asked him to fly to wherever you are to meet some internet rando to study his psychic powers. I mean, come on. That is a laughable request. To ask someone to spend thousands of dollars to test something for which their is no scientific evidence in some random person with wild claims on the internet, yes, that is a very laughable request. Nothing against you, it’s just a big ask.

I think you’re going to have to give evidence to someone other than yourself before anyone is going to take you seriously. You’re going to have to impress someone. And it doesn’t need to be a scientist. It can be a member of the press. Walk up to them, send them a thought, then hand them a paper with the thought they just had. Then do it again. THEN tell them your story.