CFI's progress in 2021: Fundraising with a false depiction of things?

  • I recently got an email from CFI with this subject title: "Flooding the Zone with Light: The Story of CFI’s Progress in 2021."
  • The email ended with a request for a financial donation.
  • Reading the email, one might think that it was obvious that Humanists, Rationalists, Secularists are winning, and that everything is basically on track to be okay.
  • But isn’t the opposite the true reality?
  • Isn’t it obvious, from events like the folllowing that the bad guys are winning and the good guys (Humanists, Rationalists, Secularists) are losing?
  1. … the recent election of a neo-Fascist/White Christian Nationalist president in the USA,
  2. …the Jan. 6 insurrection,
  3. …the widespread QAnon hysteria,
  4. …the 2022 Russian destruction of the sovereignty of Ukraine,
  5. …the likely neo-Fascist/White Christian Nationalist dominance in the 2022 mid-term elections,
  6. …the ice melting faster and faster in the arctic and Antarctic regions,
  7. …Afghanistan reverting to full barbaric fundamentalist rule,
  8. …Cuba’s Communist dictatorship recently giving 15 year prison sentences to peaceful protestors
  9. …China’s Communist dictatorship holding Winter Olympics to great fanfare despite the government’s brutal ethnic cleaning and ongoing human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang…
  • Why then is CFI pretending that everything is on track to a happy ending soon? To raise money?
  • If so, isn’t that exactly what the televangelists and Scientologists do–sell to the masses a false picture of reality in order get financial support?

Why don’t you call the CFI’s office itself (there should be a phone number on the letter) and ask them these questions yourself. The forum isn’t privy to what happens at CFI offices, there fundraisers, or even events. We’re not even privy to their finances, so this is wrong place to ask such questions.

Why should they be different from any other entity these days Schmatty Pants?

You talk about the Law of Biology, aren’t you aware of the Law for Biological Study?

You cannot understand an organism, or organization, without also understanding its environment.

CFI is also a non-profit organization, which uses donations and volunteers to keep the organization running. Everything is fine as long as they get donations. Just like PBS and NPR.

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