CFI/CFII academy or self study

Hello All, i’m seeking some advice from those that have experience in earning their CFI/CFII certificates. In January of this year I quit my full time job after saving enough money to take time off work to finish all my pilot ratings. My original idea was to attend an ATP school to earn all the ratings, but after discussion with my PPL instructor I decided to stick with him. My commercial checkride is scheduled on June 29th and I am trying to decide how to proceed with my CFI/CFII ratings. I am torn between self-study at home and working with my instructor, or attend one of the 30-day academy courses. Based on your experience do you think a self-study at home method is reasonable, and in what amount of time would one be able to achieve the CFI/CFII ratings? Or have you any experience with the 30-day CFI/CFII courses? The one in particular I am looking at is in Acampo, CA and is named CFI Academy. Appreciate your thoughts.

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