Carl Icahn has impeccable timing. - Legum

Oh gosh, if this were a movie - hot off the press

Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week Carl Icahn has impeccable timing. JUDD LEGUM | MAR 2, 2018 Billionaire investor and longtime Trump confidant Carl Icahn dumped $31.3 million of stock in a company heavily dependent on steel last week, just days before Trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel imports. In a little-noticed SEC filing submitted on February 22, 2018 ... Trump’s announcement rattled the markets, with steel-dependent stocks hardest hit. Manitowoc stock plunged, losing about 6 percent of its value. Reuters attributed the drop to the fact that Manitowoc is a “major consumer of steel." ...

yeah, yeah, correlation does not imply causation.
It take additional supporting evidence to fill in a complete picture
Still the stink of it all. Not of it shocking, all within character, exactly what was to be expected.

It could also be very innocent,

... Icahn, a billionaire investor with far-flung holdings, is a close associate of Trump — who invoked Icahn’s name repeatedly on the campaign trail. Once in office, Trump installed Icahn as a “special adviser," although Icahn did not not unwind his business entanglements before accepting the position. Icahn resigned in August, in advance of a New Yorker article which detailed how he used his position in the White House and his connection to Trump to protect his investments: ... by Judd Legum
Than again, . . .