One two punch from Putin and his pet president

First we get trump suddenly pulling major taiffs on steel and aluminum from his ass to create a trade war that is sure to hurt America and many of it major trade partners as other countries respond with their own trade restrictions.

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday he would impose hefty tariffs on imported steel and aluminum to protect U.S. producers, risking retaliation from major trade partners like China, Europe and neighboring Canada.
Then we get Putin talking about how he's got all sorts of nasty new nuclear weapons delivery systems that can't be stopped and he's not bluffing about using them to kill us all. Hmm.. what could be going to provoke such extreme behavior from a trump White House that has been closely tied to a Putin held Kremlin. For one thing trump's son-in-law and main go-to guy Jared Kushner just lost his top security clearance, which means he won't be there to front for trump.
Jared Kushner, who has worn dueling hats for more than a year as President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, has been stripped of his access to the nation's top secrets, officials said Tuesday after his security clearance was downgraded. Kushner, along with other White House officials who had been operating on interim clearances, had their access altered last week after chief of staff John Kelly stipulated new changes to the security clearance system. Aides who previously operated on "top secret/sensitive compartmented information" interim clearances saw their access changed to "secret," a classification for less sensitive material. The lesser "secret" clearance allows access to far fewer government secrets. It would prevent Kushner from accessing the Presidential Daily Brief, the collection of top secret material prepared for the commander in chief every day.
And a trump stalwart Hope Hicks has abandoned her leader.
Presidents are in the habit of lying—often with bloody consequences. The Bay of Pigs, the Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, Iran-Contra, “mushroom clouds," and “weapons of mass destruction"—these are just a few of the postwar greatest hits. But, in terms of frequency and of the almost joyful abandonment of integrity as a demand of the office, Donald Trump is singular. He starts lying in the morning, tweeting while watching Fox News, and he keeps at it until his head hits the pillow at night. He lies to slander and seduce, he lies to profit, and he sometimes lies, it seems, just because. His capacity for falsehood is so heroic that we struggle to keep count of the daily instances. (After one year of the Trump Presidency, the Washington Post put the average at 5.9 falsehoods per day, a total of 2,140.) One consequence of this aspect of Trump’s character—oftentimes, it seems to be the very core of his character—is that lying defines the culture of his Administration just as it did his family business. Hope Hicks has now announced that she is resigning as Trump’s communications director. This comes just one day after she told the House Intelligence Committee, in a nine-hour closed-door session, that she was occasionally given to telling “white lies." In the moral universe of the Trump White House, her sin could not have been the lying; it could only be the admission.
We're being jerked around by those two major league assholes because the fantasy world of one them is starting to unravel in the blaring spotlight that is the US presidency. trump is going full moron on trade tariffs that will deeply impact people across the western world as a last gasp at life in the Oval Office and Putin is chiming in with bullshit threats to kill us all over here to get us looking that way. First we get rid of trump, then we go to work in neutralizing the pathetic loser in the Kremlin.

First, we work hard to make this coming election count for something. :cheese: