Calling In

Sometimes these great speeches just come and go, but I think I might be following this woman for a while. “Calling In” is her response to “Calling Out” or “Cancel Culture”. She came late to the facebook game, so when she first saw this, she was shocked and knew she had to respond somehow. She was in a recent NYT article and has a book coming out on the topic.

She makes several good points; that attacking people in power is necessary, but attacking people at your own level who disagree is counter productive. She breaks down 4 or 5 levels, from the very aware and engaged, down to those you should probably just not bother with. And even those, you should find something good to acknowledge and keep feeding them information, hoping they’ll find a way out of their own ignorance.

She has a story about getting to know an ex-Aryan Nation member. Unfortunately that all happened before everything got recorded and stored on a website somewhere, so I haven’t found the full background on that one. Anyway, enjoy.