A call to action, do something. Vote the b.ser's out of office. - Julius Fann, Jr

"All are guilty of playing God at some point and time in our lives. I do not exclude myself. All people, in someway, climbed the back of others people to get to the place they are at knowingly or unknowingly, in this moment, whether known or not. We start our lives listening, then move to reading words expressed by others. Then religious indoctrination, politics, sacred books and, and then, and then, and then we catch a vision of the pussy-cat, or the tiger and run with it. We become caught up in the game of manipulation to be manipulated. When others come along not as adapt as we are in certain themes - education, street wise, academics, and knowing how to fend for themselves and their off-springs - we tend to thumb our nose and cut them short because of our supposed superiority, understanding wisdom, and skin color
These words are not an indictment against anyone or society, for I am a participant in the activities of living also… But if there is an indictment, it is against myself. It is my call to stand up, step to the front and do something selflessly damn it. To take notice of my actions of self-righteousness and move to eliminate them, and make this spot I occupy a lot more the infinite force of that what it is.
I speak of attitudes within our society. We are them, whether the right or left. You of all people know they exist in you, as I also know of their existence withing me. That I as you spread venom to kill or cure out into the world upon the people of the world. Are we to continue to deny we are a mix in the crowd without righteous obedience to quell the hearts and tongues of dualism’s divide and conquer strategy.
We are the world. Are not the dragons and shadows of prejudice, hate, race separation we are fighting all within ourselves continuously? Are they not the silent killer of our love for one another? Thief’s of our children’s moments of unconditioned inner views and aspirations, as our own inspirational voice our reasoning, justice, knowledge, understanding, counsel, might and Spirit of wisdom. How are we to exude the gold from the stone if we deny the gold is inlaid in the stone. When are we going to take a stanch stand against those who would deny we have a God given right to take a stanch stand.

Speak for yourself. I can’t think of any time in my life I have ever “played God”.