Books that aren't banned

… not banned, but not worth reading either.

Some good news. Richard Carrier does the kind of research that I wish had the time for. I admit I also like his style of calling people “dupes” or however else he sees it. He surveyed the top selling Christian apologetic titles and found the whole idea of them is circling the toilet bowl.

C.S. Lewis, who has been responded to for decades appears in the list. I remember hearing the name William Lane Craig years ago, and him being referred to as a formidable debate opponent. When I ventured into listening to him, I was surprised it was the same old stuff, dressed up in a nice suit. Also mentioned in the link is Justin Brierly. I started listening to his podcast/radio show when he was interviewing the big names in atheism. He really gave them plenty of time to talk. I didn’t know he was a Christian until months of listening. When he finally came out with his own book about why he has stayed a Christian after hearing so many atheist arguments, it was the same old, same old, first cause and Pascal’s wager, and the need for a source of morality. There is a link to Carrier’s take on the book, to save you the trouble of reading it.

Anyway, it’s good to know that it’s like I always say, that these books are for believers, to give them some talking points and reassurance that they are right. It’s getting so they don’t even bother trying to address the atheist anymore.

I compare it to Linus with his security blanket. It"s juvenile, but it gives comfort to those who need it.

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All grown up
image image Get rid of that stupid blanket!

True enough. In fact, doing all they can to ignore what we do try to explain.

Still if we aren’t changing minds we are losing.

The Democrats need to double down on communication, both with their own grassroots, but also with brainstorming on ways to constructively confront the fraudulent arguments and beliefs of the extreme right wing.

Focusing on informing and defining our rational and arguments.

That’s why CFI is such a needed platform, unfortunately too few know about and too few are participating.