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I’ve been lurking here occasionally for quite a while and thought it interesting enough to join. Good to be here.

Welcome. Jump right in and join the conversations.

Hi I am new myself, welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here.

A chiropractor? Cool.

The local chiropractor is big into energy lines (chi or chakra or something like that) and homeopathy and other new agey things. I assumed you all took the same thing in school and believed the same things. But if you’re an atheist, I doubt you’re dealing in woo like the guy operating here in town.

More an anti theist, to be sure.

The “woo” isn’t actually taught in the majority of chiropractic schools any more. If someone comes out the other end believing in such things, that person either arrived already rigidly indoctrinated or was sold on them by a post graduation employer like the individual you mention, who is only pretending to be a doctor of any kind if your description is accurate.

There are still a couple of hold out schools that subscribe to the new age-y stuff. They are routinely discredited.

I never did believe in the left field stuff of the chiropractic of old. The culture of the profession no longer has the “believe the original nonsense or leave it” mentality that it did thirty years ago or before.

I appreciate your providing the opportunity for me to cover this.


The woo aspect is what’s always kept me from going to one; I don’t want to support a scammer. A ‘healthcare professional’ who claims they can cure every ailment by adjusting your back and using mysticism is a scammer.

If I knew a chiropractor who was dealing in rational, physical treatment, I’d definitely give them a chance to fix me! I have had hip, knee, ankle and shoulder problems plaguing me for years.



^^^ That is a very accurate description of a “scammer,” though “charlatan” may be more correct, in my opinion.

Sorry to hear about your musculoskeletal issues; there are most certainly evidence informed chiropractors out there who apply rational therapies or refer to the appropriate health care professional for such things.