Watch as this post dies within hours as it becomes apparently clear that crapping on white people gets the recognition.


Watch as this post dies within hours as it becomes apparently clear that crapping on white people gets the recognition.

crapping on white people gets the recognition
Another whitey felling so unfairly victimized.

Too bad white people have been so good at enslaving others and destroying this planet we depend on. Cry me a river.


I imagine you despise “environmentalists” too.

Be honest now.

Are you a lover of Moscow Mitch?

Just trying to make conversation :wink:

Honestly, I’m a horrible person. Just find my cracks until you see the horrible person I really am. Jerry was my father of whom I have the utmost respect.

No this isn’t about you being horrible. Is that what you are worried about?

I’m worried about everything because I’m always wrong.

btw how is this your battle? My father always argued about your obsession with climate change.








Just seems to be something important in the entire scope of things, the climate change, well human civility also.

How is the meltdown of America’s civil society my battle? Hmmm? Guess I am 64 and advertiser bucks ignore us.

Seriously? Okay, I’m ready, been thinking about it a long time.

You see, for some reason I have a genuine deep down in my gut connection with all this creation around me. I was born in '55 at the perfect time, tasting the age-old mysteries before science furnished so many of the answers, so it’s like I’ve had a front row see, watching, an amazed spectator, learning more about this planet than people have ever known - it makes a guy care, so it matters to me, even if in the long run it don’t matter. Hell as a kid, I was still able to imagine in great unexplored land masses. Though in truth humanity enveloped Earth by the end of WWII, the reality of it hadn’t percolated down yet. Planets were fundamentally unknown, shucks I witnessed the Plate Tectonics Revolution as a kid and all that stuff was just plain fun and fascinating. Dick Tracy and Three Stooges, or ballgames and cars, could never touch my imagination or emotions like this real Earth and her story could, yeah that includes the people it created.

For example, I’m an experienced carpenter so it’s natural that when I walk up to a house, I look at it differently, with more awareness, seeing things other never notice. 65 years of sucking in as much experience and learning as I could digest, leaves one with a pretty rich Mindscape. That’s why I actually feel sad for deeply god fearing people, their mental landscape is so devoid of the marvels that surround us, it blows me away. But, enough about me.


Now I gotta see if I still want to post my previous comment that got disappeared.



This disappeared before, but I was able to rescue it. Here’s what I really want to say - at freakin two am.


Back to the white superiority thing,

We could all do with a big group hug and then get back to this SUPERIORITY complex thing that we’re so preoccupied by with, since our president is such a superior guy, maga and all that. Still it all seems so phony and something rotten about it,

I been lucky. I was born white, fit and nice looking, that never made me superior, it made me lucky. At least my mama taught to appreciate what I had, It wasn’t a free ride because I had to produce at my end. Guess, that’s why I just don’t get all the chest thumping and anger - that’s what I was trying to explore. It an emotion totally lost on me, not that I’m not a proud guy and my competition is myself and not some figment of my pissed of imagination. Get what I’m trying to say?

No appreciation for what we have, always expecting more and resenting others for their’s. It’s an attitude that only brings grief upon grief.

I myself like the concept of enlightened self-interest, meaning I need to help take care of my community if I expect to it take care of me.

Today difficult situations are the result of our own societal choices, but folks can never share the guilt or accept any responsibility. Why not?

Why no sense of appreciation, even reconciliation, I mean, if you got it great, why the f’ not give a little back? Be it cash, time and love and/or helping hand goes a long ways - but opposed that we got this White Superiority Pissy Attitude that’s grown into a monster of victimization-entitlement complex that Mitch is trying to distract the dialogue away from, which I was trying to bring attention to.

The world is getting smaller instead of working on understanding each other better and cooperating to meet some of these growing challenges - oh yeah, the right wing wants to ignore those thing, focus making more money so they can party harder still, everything bad is some left wing conspiracy in their universe, yada yada.

The same ‘masters of the universe’ play the idiot pions against each other, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

Guess that’s a way of asking Mitch, were you trying to make any serious points with these superior threads I seem to have been woken up for? The lord acts in mysterious ways :wink: Or do we just wanna play bitch slap here?

night, night


crapping on white people gets the recognition.
Pointing out that someone is equal, not superior, is the opposite of "crapping on".

ENOUGH! I’m shutting down ALL racial superiority threads because they are not conducive to social or scientific inquiry and quite frankly getting out of hand.
I will start shutting them down with the first superiority thread that was open and work my way to the others, but it has nothing to do with “crapping on white people”.

For why I shut this thread down, please go to post #323575. Any complaints, please open a thread in the complaint area.